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We evolved to transform the way your money works for you, into a great experience. Whatever you have aspired; Serving you the desired value and actual profit with easiest and smarter Personal savings, Investment, Consultancy, Funding & Venture.

Samrat Investments- Global leading finan

8- 89*% on Savings

Securing your guaranteed return combined with your expectations on personal savings to accomplish higher goals.

Don't compromise with less!

Savings to Fortune

From your savings to prosperous life. A step forward to wealth making and happiness.

The secret of fortune

Sustainable Innovation


Empowering conscious education. Smarter approach to energy research, glocal development and technological innovation.

Ideas to problem solver

Bringing infinite possibilities to your imagination by funding.

A bit of push can turn ideas to global giants.

Helping startups to evolve and to make an impact.

The Question is, whether you want to spend rest of your life in misery or spend few years on deleting out misery.

Understanding Financial Freedom

Education, Energy and Opportunity must be accessible, available and affordable to everyone. 

Conscious Development

Research and supply chain management, for quality production to actual crop valuation.

Happy Farmers, Healthy Food


The need for financial education and financial inclusion is global & genuine, that's why Samrat Investments’ analysts, researchers and volunteers are motivated to bring financial benefits to everyone to evolve the life.

Recent startup:

HESL Intelligence (human evolution & sma

Global leading financial investment management company with most diverse financial inclusion.

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