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Aantriksh: to space and beyond

Aantriksh, an space initiative started in 2018; as funded by Samrat Investments.

Aantriksh has raised a total of ₹20.5M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jul 14, 2018 from a Private Equity round.

Aantriksh was acquired by Samrat Investments for ₹3.5M on Jul 9, 2018.

With a motto to share space awareness and innovation, to land beyond space.

Aantriksh team is continuously active in Rover mission, Mars Lander, Moon rover and multiple program, held by Google, ISRO, SpaceX, ESA & NASA.

Few accomplishments, by Aantriksh includes building sustainable rover to walk on moon for long period of time, collaborating with schools and college to interact and learn about space innovation. Being curious about space research.

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