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INSPYRx community

Share your ideas globally.

Organise the independent event and meet up, to bring your innovation in to real life and impact actions.



INSPYRx community involving good minds and seekers to share the knowledge. Insight on every subject in form of better content and visuals.


To replenish the gap of quality education to strengthen the pillar of society and humanity.

INSPYRx community is unit of Sam Inspyr owned by Samrat Investments.


The motto of INSPYRx community is to share ideas in every corner for the fulfilment of human life within life.

INSPYRx makes money through events and donations.

Sam Inspyr help ideas to live in the real world start ups by offering prizes and resources every year. Through different programs and business collaboration to accomplish the expenditure and developing contents for everyone at free of cost.

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INSPYRx fellowship program focuses on ideas, ability to impact globally and everyone.

Career at INSPYRx: To volunteer in making a difference and improving our work. Seekers from any part of the globe can contribute and participate in building innovative stuff. With all ages and areas.

INSPYRx offers diverse environment for inventors, researchers, explorers, genius & expert to share his wisdom to millions.

Home for the Seekers to share the moment of the thrill, emotion, design, surprise, thoughts, secrets, and infinite possibilities.

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Organize INSPYRx event/ meet up

Imagine the amazing hosting INSPYRx experience. Opportunity to interact the better minds locally and globally.

Challenge to bring the real innovators to common people.

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Partner with Inspyr

Collaboration with INSPYRx community brings worth experience to humanity by incorporating innovation, design, quality, and sense in product or service.

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Program & Initiative

To experience authentic product, INSPYRx is collaborating local service provider and businessman/ investors to develop superior quality product. Under INSPYR brand, with superior research and analysis.


Seeker, Explorer, Researcher, Inventor, Innovator

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INSPYRx motives is to unleash the imagination in common minds by sharing positive ideas, enhance the people to dream and use their potential. To reach ideas every corner.

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Bring sustainable  innovation and incredible experience

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Someone who can thrill  the doers. Made an exceptional impact in their field of work.

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