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Can I add multiple users to my debit card account?

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Can I add multiple users to my debit card account?

Debit cards are typically issued to individual account holders, and they are not designed for multiple users or joint accounts like some other financial products. Each account holder typically has their own individual debit card linked to their bank account.

If you want to provide access to your bank account for another individual, you have a few options:

1. Joint Account: You can open a joint bank account with the person you want to share access with. In a joint account, both account holders have equal access to the funds and can typically have their own debit cards associated with the joint account.

2. Supplementary Card: Some banks offer supplementary or addon debit cards, also known as "addon cards." These cards are linked to the primary account holder's card and account but can be issued to family members or dependents. The primary cardholder can set spending limits and monitor transactions on the supplementary card.

3. Power of Attorney: In certain cases, you can grant someone power of attorney over your bank account. This allows them to manage your finances, including making transactions on your behalf. However, this is a legal arrangement and requires specific documentation.

It's important to check with your bank to understand the options they offer for sharing access to your account or issuing additional cards. Additionally, consider the implications of sharing access to your bank account, including the responsibility for any transactions made by the additional cardholder.

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