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Can I check my account balance at an ATM, and if so, is it free?

Curious about ATM withdrawals

Can I check my account balance at an ATM, and if so, is it free?

Yes, you can check your account balance at an ATM, and it's usually a free service offered by most banks. Here's how to check your account balance at an ATM:

1. Insert Your ATM Card: Insert your ATM or debit card into the card slot on the ATM.

2. Enter Your PIN: Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your account.

3. Select "Balance Inquiry": On the ATM menu, choose the "Balance Inquiry" or "Check Balance" option.

4. View Your Balance: The ATM will display your account balance on the screen. Some ATMs may also provide a printed receipt with your balance for your records.

5. Finish the Transaction: If you don't need any additional services, you can choose to end the transaction. The ATM will return your card, and you'll receive a receipt if requested.

This service is typically free when you use an ATM within your bank's network or one of your bank's own ATMs. However, there are a few important considerations:

1. OutofNetwork ATMs: If you use an ATM that belongs to a different bank (outofnetwork ATM) to check your balance, your bank may charge a fee for this service. Additionally, the ATM operator may charge a fee.

2. International ATMs: When checking your balance at an ATM located in a foreign country, currency conversion charges and fees may apply. It's essential to be aware of these potential costs when traveling abroad.

3. Account Type: The availability of free balance inquiries may depend on your account type. Some premium or hightier accounts may offer more fee waivers.

To avoid fees for checking your account balance, it's advisable to use ATMs within your bank's network whenever possible. These ATMs are more likely to offer free balance inquiries. Additionally, many banks provide mobile banking apps and online banking services, which allow you to check your account balance conveniently from your smartphone or computer without visiting an ATM.

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