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Can I get cash back when using my debit card for purchases?

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Can I get cash back when using my debit card for purchases?

Yes, many merchants and retailers offer the option for customers to receive cash back when using a debit card for purchases. This is a convenient way to access cash without having to visit an ATM. Here's how it generally works:

1. Make a Purchase: When you're at a store or retailer and make a purchase with your debit card, you can ask the cashier for cash back at the point of sale.

2. Specify Amount: You'll need to specify the amount of cash you want in addition to your purchase. The cashier will add this amount to your transaction.

3. Complete the Transaction: The total amount of your purchase, including the cash back, will be deducted from your checking account.

4. Receive Cash: The cashier will hand you the cash amount you requested.

5. Get Receipt: You will receive a receipt that shows the total amount of the transaction, including the cash back.

Please note that there may be limits on the amount of cash back you can receive per transaction, and these limits can vary by retailer and your bank's policies. Common limits are often in the range of ₹500 to ₹2,000. Also, not all retailers offer cash back, so it's a good idea to check with the cashier before making your purchase.

Using this feature can be a convenient way to access cash when you need it, especially if you don't want to incur ATM fees or if you're at a location where ATMs are not readily available.

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