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Can I make IMPS transactions through an ATM?

Curious about Immediate Payment Service

Can I make IMPS transactions through an ATM?

No, IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) transactions cannot be directly initiated through an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). IMPS is primarily designed to be accessed through digital banking channels such as mobile banking, internet banking, and other electronic platforms.

However, ATMs play a crucial role in facilitating funds transfers and other banking services. While you cannot directly perform IMPS transactions at an ATM, you can use an ATM for related activities such as:

1. Generating MMID (Mobile Money Identifier): MMID is a unique sevendigit number used in IMPS for identifying a mobile money account linked to a bank account. Some banks allow you to generate or retrieve your MMID through their ATMs. This MMID can then be used for IMPS transactions through other channels like mobile banking or internet banking.

2. Transferring Funds using NEFT or RTGS: ATMs provide options for interbank fund transfers using NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) or RTGS (RealTime Gross Settlement) systems. These systems are different from IMPS but enable you to transfer funds to another bank account within India. While NEFT and RTGS transactions may not be as instant as IMPS, they are still widely used for largervalue transactions.

3. Managing Account and Card Services: ATMs allow you to perform various accountrelated activities, including checking your account balance, mini statements, and updating personal information. You can also manage your debit card services, such as changing your PIN, requesting a new card, or blocking a lost or stolen card.

If you specifically wish to make an IMPS transaction, you would need to use other channels like mobile banking, internet banking, or the official banking app provided by your bank. These channels typically offer a dedicated IMPS functionality, allowing you to initiate instant fund transfers between bank accounts within India.

It's worth noting that the available services and functionalities at ATMs may vary depending on the bank and the specific ATM location. To get detailed information about the services offered at ATMs and their functionality, it's recommended to check with your bank or refer to the guidelines provided by your bank's official website or customer support channels.

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