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Can I use my e-Aadhar card as a valid document?

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Can I use my e-Aadhar card as a valid document?

Yes, you can use your eAadhaar card as a valid document. The eAadhaar card is a digitally signed electronic version of your Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It carries the same validity and is acceptable as a proof of identity and address for various purposes, including government schemes, subsidies, bank account opening, mobile connections, and more.

When you download your eAadhaar card, it is in PDF format and protected with a password. The password to open the eAadhaar PDF is the first four letters of your name in CAPITAL letters followed by your birth year in YYYY format. Once you open the eAadhaar card, you can print it and use it as a physical document when required.

It is important to note that the eAadhaar card is considered equivalent to the physical Aadhaar card, and both have the same legal validity.

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