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Can I use UPI for recurring payments or bills?

Curious about Unified Payments Interface

Can I use UPI for recurring payments or bills?

Yes, you can use UPI for recurring payments or bills. Many UPI apps and platforms provide the option to set up recurring payments or schedule future payments for bills and subscriptions. Here's how you can use UPI for recurring payments:

1. Choose UPI App: Install a UPIenabled mobile banking app or the UPI app provided by your bank on your mobile device.

2. Link Bank Account: Open the UPI app and link your bank account by providing the necessary details and verifying your mobile number.

3. Set UPI PIN: Once your bank account is linked, set up a UPI PIN for authorizing transactions.

4. Explore UPI Services: Explore the features of your UPI app to find the option for recurring payments or bills. It may be labeled differently in different apps, such as "AutoPay," "Scheduled Payments," or "Bill Payments."

5. Add Payees/Billers: Add the payee or biller details, such as their UPI ID, bank account number, or registered mobile number.

6. Set Payment Schedule: Specify the frequency and date of the recurring payment. You may have options like daily, weekly, monthly, or custom intervals.

7. Authorization and Confirmation: Authenticate the recurring payment setup using your UPI PIN. Some apps may require additional authentication methods like biometric verification or OTP.

Once the recurring payment is set up, the specified amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account at the scheduled intervals. You can typically view and manage your recurring payments within the UPI app.

It's important to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the recurring payments. Keep track of your recurring payments to avoid any unexpected deductions or disruptions in services.

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