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How do I get cash back with my debit card?

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How do I get cash back with my debit card?

You can get cashback with your debit card when making purchases at certain merchants or through specific programs. Here's how you can get cashback with your debit card:

1. Merchant Cashback: Some retail stores and supermarkets in India offer cashback when you make a purchase using your debit card. The cashback amount is typically a percentage of the purchase amount, and it's credited to your account or handed to you in cash at the cashier.

2. ATM Cash Withdrawal: You can use your debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs. However, this is not exactly "cashback" but rather a cash withdrawal. Many banks allow their customers a certain number of free ATM withdrawals each month. If you use an ATM of your bank, there may be no additional fees. If you use an ATM of another bank, there might be nominal charges after a certain number of free transactions.

3. Cashback Offers: Some banks and payment networks offer cashback promotions for using your debit card to make specific types of purchases or for spending a certain amount within a given period. These promotions may be advertised by your bank or payment network, and you'll need to meet the specified criteria to earn the cashback.

4. Online Shopping: When shopping online, some ecommerce websites or payment gateways may offer cashback or discounts when you use your debit card for payment. These cashback offers can vary and are often part of promotional campaigns.

5. Bill Payments and Recharges: Some payment apps and websites offer cashback for paying bills or recharging services using your debit card. These cashback offers are frequently provided to attract customers to use the platform for payments.

To take advantage of cashback offers, it's essential to check your bank's or payment network's website or app for any ongoing promotions. Additionally, be aware of the terms and conditions, minimum spend requirements, and the timeline for receiving the cashback, as these can vary.

Always exercise caution and only use your debit card for legitimate transactions with reputable merchants to ensure your financial security.

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