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How do I obtain certificates and marksheets from educational institutes on DigiLocker?

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How do I obtain certificates and marksheets from educational institutes on DigiLocker?

To obtain certificates and mark sheets from educational institutes on DigiLocker, you need to follow these steps:

1. Sign up or log in: Create a DigiLocker account or log in to your existing account using your Aadhaar number or mobile number.

2. Verify your identity: Complete the authentication process by providing the necessary details and verifying your identity through Aadhaar OTP or biometric authentication.

3. Access the document repository: Once you're logged in, you can access the document repository section in your DigiLocker account.

4. Explore the "Education" section: Look for the "Education" section within the document repository. This section contains educational documents such as certificates and mark sheets.

5. Search for your educational institute: In the "Education" section, you will find a list of educational boards, universities, and other institutes that have integrated with DigiLocker.

6. Select the institute and provide necessary details: Find and select your educational institute from the list. You may be prompted to provide specific details like your roll number, passing year, etc., to verify your association with the institute.

7. Request documents: After providing the necessary details, you can request your certificates and mark sheets from the educational institute. DigiLocker will facilitate the retrieval and storage of these documents digitally in your account.

It's important to note that the availability of educational documents on DigiLocker may vary depending on the integration and partnership between DigiLocker and the respective educational boards and institutes. Not all educational institutions may be connected to DigiLocker, so you may need to check the availability of your specific institute's documents within the platform.

By obtaining your educational certificates and mark sheets on DigiLocker, you can have convenient and secure access to your academic records anytime and anywhere. Remember to always verify the authenticity of the documents received through DigiLocker and follow the guidelines provided by the respective educational institutions.

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