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2020 Impact & Journey

Even in a pandemic we were committed to positive impact.



With our various initiatives we reach out to farmers to empower them and share a better platform to bring their crops to market and empower them financially.


Power to Youth

As financial crises are common issues which can be tackled with end‑to‑end financial education, better platforms and sharing right profits; to giving their financial life in their hand.

Empowering them to dream and helping them accomplish using various initiatives like startup funding, fellowship, helping with early savings and financial education and more.

Empowering Small Businesses

With right structure, financial support and access to technology being shared continuously to balance and then maximize the profits of small businesses.

Enhance the service value for small businesses.


COVID19 Pandemic

With awareness, financial support and scientific approach in workplace help made a great impact at Samrat Investments to fight the deadly virus.

Accessibility and Resources

Helping unprivileged on their way to better life with suitable resources, sustainable development goals and awareness throughout.

Making cultural diversity at workplace.


Mental Health

Focusing on urgent support over mental health and helping people understand the impact of mental well-being in life.

Making awareness and funds to help reduce this issue and have a better society around.

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