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Age of free or coupons vs awareness and profit.

3000 INR credit waiting for you.
We have great offer of 1000 INR on service renewal Buy 2 get 1 free

Offer like this takes more attention.

However taking benefits of offers is smart way of financial planning and budgeting.

Let’s take one more example;

You went in super market.

Assume you saw buy 2 get 25% off offer with clothing and furniture.

You save 25% during shopping, right?

Not always. You spend 75% which wasn’t requirement in most case.

What do you choose;

Compromise or happiness.

Compromise is what we do during shopping as being working class.

Looking for offers, extra credit, coupon or more.

67% of working class families spend their whole life in compromising with their dreams.


  • Happiness is what you buy for what you need actually,

  • You are financially free at the end of month,

  • You don’t have to depend on coupons, credit for your genuine needs,

  • You have choices when you step into complex or websites.

Awareness in finance

Instead of coupon or credits, the priority must be seeking for being financially qualified and independent lifestyle.

Same implies for organisation, to offer affordable and better product/ service experience that bombing with offers.

Taking smarter approach to get more benefits out of your savings.

When you are smart enough and dedicated to create a healthy financial life including knowledge and investing; your time for coupon or offer adds value then to your whole financial planning.

So think in terms of being financially free that depending on offer.

How to start?

If you can’t manage to save at least 10% of your income of let's say ₹ 15 k/ 10k/ 20k ... or pocket expenses then it’s tough that you will ever manage to save when you have 100k.

Give time in figuring about priorities of savings in your life and it’s impact in future; than stuck at calculating risk.

So take smarter approach by saving with us.

Risk is only lack of understanding.

Did you ever heard someone failed while moving forward?

No. Because she/ he was taking one by step forward each time. The person will move forward until external factor is very strong/ or opposes.

Same happens with savings you got genuine profits if your step is right.

Try spend rest of your life with smarter approach and not being miserable.

Start by taking 1st step of Happiness.

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