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Better Money Habits

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Smarter Money Management Habits

Smarter money management techniques.
Smarter money management techniques.

Better Money habits:

Better money habits to optimize your happiness and deduct your hassles, in order to have smarter money management solutions.

Money is meant to bring quality, happiness and efficiency in life rather than misery.

With proven techniques of money habits, you can truly have a better financial life.

Clarity in goals

Goals before investing every single penny are important. Investing, for experience, groceries, subscriptions or insurance.

Later comes the goals of wealth management to make smarter savings. Savings for side hustle, to purchase a gaming console, to buy a travel package, planning retirement, to grow wealth and tons of goals.

Note down your to-do lists on a daily basis and priorities of goal to motivate yourself in the right direction.

Goal must be specific, and measurable.

You are the hero of your life.

For your money management, living dreams, solving financial problems and creating wealth or all external factors.

Only you are responsible

For that, it’s you who will take actions, collaborate with experts and create strategies with help of experts to manage your life effectively.

Your responsibility will lead to the next important step, which is the value of resources and managing money.

Is it that easy? No. No. No.

Why? Why? Reason.

  • Patience.

  • Courage to take right actions.

Most youth and even middle-aged people lack these 2 critical actions.

Having patience to trust in strategies and courage to follow the road-map honestly.

Fighting the devil

To fight with problems or the devil, you must have a clear understanding of who you are in the war.

  • What are the challenges?

  • Why did these challenges happen with you?

  • How to overcome these challenges?


Yes. Data is a superweapon to fight devils in this era. Because a hero needs a powerful weapon to fight.

Now I know the data of how, why, when and where about money.

  • Where does money go?

  • Where does money come from?

In financial languages — Knowing spending, budgeting, earning and expectations.

Data structured in the right format will help clearly understand, and create smarter money management solutions to overcome current and future financial crises.

Make it a habit- Habit of writing your spending and earning.

जितनी लम्बी चादर हो उतने ही पैर फैलाने चाहिए (Invest or spend, from what you have already)

Professional savings techniques

Create different ways to save your money.

For example:

1. If you buy a coffee or fast food for INR 96.3, then save INR 3.97. If you eat in a restaurant for INR INR 846, then save INR 54 or 154. In the end, the purpose of saving is to protect your goals from the money you have.

2. Any wrong decision you make or discipline you broke during the day, save INR 50–100. Punish yourself but in a smarter way.

This way money and personal growth, both are achieved.

No matter the reason to save money, only your savings will be your boat to sail your dreams and overcome bad days, even unexpected ones.

  1. Between age 16- 27 (Save 22%- 32% of your total income or pocket money)

  2. Between age 28- 45 (Save 17%- 23% of your total income or compensation)

Emergency money

Have cash or current access to certain money to meet your needs in real-time. Investments are made to accomplish certain goals, but unexpected needs or crises don’t wait for your investment to grow. So put aside some funds which you can assess anytime you want.

Prioritise your monthly cost.

List all your bills, groceries and investment of your months for a clear understanding of your money and requirements.

Making your goal specific and measurable, the most crucial factor is to understand the current monetary situation. Monthly bills and costs, directly reflect the structure which is most suitable for one’s life.

Like a diet and study plan, have a money plan

Right or wrong.

Today or tomorrow.

Losing or without losing.

Before reaching a point where you are financially secure, you have to take a journey of lots of pros and cons.

And after certain experience from your activities, you enable your ability to control your investment and freedom, for the betterment of your family and your happiness.

For that a well structured money plan, inspired by your goals and analyzed from your monthly cost — create a solid money plan ensuring short-term and long-term expectations and dreams of your life and families.

Lannister always pays his debt.

In order to be financially powerful, you must pay your debt first.

To build your reputation and build wealth over that reputation.

  • By using refinance or low-interest loans, clear all your debts. Start with higher interest or expensive debts.

  • Reduce the regular use of credit cards to make your credit score healthier.

  • Reduce the loan tenure (Total months), and pay extra money than regular installment to pay off debt sooner.

  • Consolidate multiple debts into lower interests and singular installments.

  • Follow snowball methods of paying debts.

Ditch the wrong partners

Like in our life, there are lots of bad investments from money that we make.

For example:

1. Unnecessary subscriptions, or services.

1.a. Suppose you have in-built gym in your society and you still pay to private gym, where you hardly go once a month,

1.b. Imagine you hardly have time for TV.

Mostly you watch daily news, shows or movies on OTT or via websites, and you still pay for cable which you hardly watch.

2. Unnecessary habits

2.a. Shopping when you are bored.

2.b. Shopping whenever you see a discount or eye caching offers.

2.c. Regular eating out instead of preparing your own breakfast or lunch.

2.d. Using credit cards frequently.

2.e. Shopping beyond your grocery list weekly or monthly, because of the way shopping complexes are designed. Buy what you need and whatever your budget allows. No more, no less.

Bad partners always lead to painful or dangerous roads. Earlier you ditch, the happier you are.

Replace this money for your experiences.

Like travelling, adventure, charity, helping others, starting side hustle and almost anything you want.

Savings costs nothing

Your time is most precious.

Imagine using a few minutes of your time, by using websites you save real 20%, 30% or 60% on a product.

Finding a few helpful websites to compare prices and help you with real coupons.

Keep your open to make a difference in your life -

a) Fake coupons/ offer (To make you purchase at same price by simply shuffling information),

b) Magic coupon/ discount (To help you purchase something at a lower price, which you have been chasing for weeks.)

Saving money is equivalent to earning.

Monitor, measure and choose

Analyzing earnings and spending, and having the right tracking help you make smarter decisions.

Measuring a goal makes it easier and transparent.

With your money vs life expectations and needs more clear.

Monitoring the goals and expenses, and measuring the weekly/ monthly growth in a fraction of second, makes your decision easier at any time.

For that you simply need to put your earning vs spending record in the right order.

To predict the future expenses, profits and inflation over time.

Needs vs wants

Whenever you are confused about what to buy and what not.

Then make a list of all your buying items.

Now make 2 columns of Needs and Wants.

Needs: Everything you require to have you a good life.

Wants: Anything to fulfill your luxury, desires or fantasy.

In rough or good times, go for needs first.

Financial literacy is road to happiness and success.
Financial literacy is the road to happiness and success.

Making money, money and money

Alone saving can only fulfill your needs. To fully experiment and live your dreams, especially in this era, savings are not enough.

For that not everyone has to be a businessman.

The right solution is to make an investment. Use that investment to run a small business for your continuous income stream.

Invest directly in small businesses and monitor your growth in real-time, while all businesses are managed by experts.

Challenge are best ways

Challenge yourself, give yourself measurable goals, and find a way to optimize your potential.

Saving challenges is an effective step to be disciplined with your financial security and creating fortune.

Monthly savings challenge

  • INR 276 saving challenge here.

  • 21 days To-Do challenges

  • Buying challenge

  • Monday challenge here.

  • Wednesday challenge here.

  • Stay fit challenge:

Not to order or eat outside for straight 36 days.

  • Be a pro Challenge:

Write the remarks of your every spending for straight 30 days. Analyze which spending falls in the Need category.

Never underestimate an expert

A bit of expertise on your money analysis and future opportunities, lead you to higher and clear value.

Imagine a person spent 10- 20 years of life helping people with better money habits.

This experience and expertise can’t be replaced by reading a few articles and consuming videos.

Your first consulting is FREE here. Your empowerment is our inspiration.



  1. Make clear goals.

  2. Create a daily to-do lists

  3. Make your goals measurable and achievable

  4. Do side hustle and never depend on single investment

  5. Have an emergency fund

  6. Pay off your debts first

  7. Don’t forget to enjoy and have some fun

  8. Follow discipline honestly until your investment and liabilities are in your favour

Not To-Do’s

  1. Using credit cards unnecessarily (To To flatter or impress someone),

  2. Shopping unnecessarily (Shop trendings, shop more than your budget,

  3. Shop to change your mood, Shop based on offers or discounts)

 — — — — — -

Better money habits for a better financial life and fortune.

Join our community and have a real-time conversation with financial experts here.

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