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Economic and Banking in India

We have seen the situation where banking has become the market in stead of economic development. We believe that we believe in service that should be duty.

The journey of how to become Billionaire to Change, Ideas-Reality & Samratians The Empire Of Dream, Change & Samrat Investments The banking, their empire and their service towards Public from Years.

When a child starts growing with their demands (Generally in Great IndianWorking/ Middle Class Society) that time we attract towards books titled How to earn money easily, How to become Billionaire and Few Online stuffs etc. except those who have fix goals in their life.

Undoubtly there are millions of ways to earn money and so is Unemployment . Everyone borns with some special quality in him few uses it to make his own life and others life better, Some are hired by others and used there and most of them end their life by repenting on time.

I was the same guy. Still I understood few things about life earlier 1) Nothing is a shortcut. 2) Life or money is nothing without purpose. 3) Hard Labor is common in every field To earn money, Respect, Love whatever you do.

By being working class (Those who depends on work for their livelihood) ,We don't have billions in our Bank Account. For high amount needs we have to take loan and paid high interest of that amount .(Bank interests Rate were like Rabbit speed.), The money we saved in banks increases slightly (Like tortoise speed).

The Idea Of Online Piggy Bank ( Earthen pots to save money common in Villages)

I was student so I thought if we would save money somewhere where it increases in spite of piggy bank then it would be magical after completing study .We saved a little part of our pocket money. At least we have good base to start something or buy anything like we do after completing college or during college.

The Question was How we will manage Piggy Bank?

From providing interests, security to costumer to run the organisation. There were lots of questions like we all have when we are in problems. Our banking system is working from many years. There is lots of defects there or every organisation still Banking is very huge organisation its very hard to challenge it and most tough is to understand the billions of people who are addicted to it, works for it from years. I am also not so smart to oppose these things and neither we have time( Mind it Not having time is excuse because everyone have same hours to work and their glory , Time is used and managed within works). I know someone who could at least dare to do something.

The banking, their empire and their service towards Public from Years. It can make things magical, Possible, Hope, Help, I think it as Antibiotic one medicine, to cure most disease.

Here The Problem Starts, Suspicion, Trust, Security in people.

Everyone's single coins, Penny is precious mine too. By thinking about how to manage Piggy Bank there comes lots of Idea. The interesting fact is there are more ideas than the total human population differences is it only lies in our common chats few of it comes out as Practical and that's running the nations & People. Visiting different parts of country I saw one thing there is very few no of Retailer, Companies who cares for their consumer seriously. There comes one important pillar for company. > We are also a costumer outside our shop, What we expect outside is also expected with us, So must care & respect everyone's feelings , time & needs. It's the real business to work for People and Help them, Which is we himself The Global World, Market & Consumer.

Here borns a seed Samrat Investments

We made a Platform where we could provide maximum value of their(Public) money and less interest paid amount for their Business. We expect only things from our Customers ie their TRUST, Which pushes us to work and provide more and more facility. We believe in every change for the benefit of our customer than our printed rules.

from rags to riches, samrat investments
from rags to riches, samrat investments

Where How To Become Billionaire Vanishes?

When you start chasing your goal after periods, your goal is not just everything, The one of the important thing is Journey , The Experience and The Variations, Changes , Ups and Downs in it, Improvements many other things than the border or say end point (goal). Everyone is busy in his livelihood. When you start to works for others or your dream there is lots of interesting problems , Which i really enjoyed can't say about others experience . You went far from common life like your every previous routine, doings. You have to solve your problems himself because its only for you if it was for others you were not here. I also don't know where the dream of being Billionaire vanishes and replaced by how to make changes by improvising the things.

Solving Problems Is One Of The Best business I Ever Saw Or Learn.

It really gives you pleasure when you solve your problems. You might remember when we solve single problem of our toughest subject it was like feeling of Genius. It pushes us to solve next questions and at last when we saw the no of questions solved was really good number which makes happy to hear and proud too. It feels like the Day of today was one of the Awesome Days. And think what if when you do for others, I think you should try once its really Godly . There are different layers of work. Few are planned it works like the map. Few are just started and its way opens itself and sometimes they are Godly or say Magical. Our is second one as you will explore & see. The Magic of for the investments.

Story Apart Company In humans life each and every thing has own use depending on time. In 21st century

Finance & Politics have great impact on livings. The country which has fine Politics & Financial freedom with good imagination is next country to make the livings of their people happily. We have started working to make people own financial Identity. We have just started a campaign its not very big still you will involve. #SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023 You can post on social media by#SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023 As Your Experience With Us and Your Involvement, Ideas It's our responsibility to make aware to those who are unaware of things.

I expect you all to Explore, Share & Enjoy the being. We are called to be responsible citizens. And its our duty to make things easy & comfort around. Please, Let's Us Know About Your Experience. We would love to know your Ideas; don't hesitate to share at least it will be a flop, May be it would Miracle.

Remember A Bigger and Unite Family Is Always Stable, So please let help other to experience and access it. Its better to repent by doing something wrong than being Unknown, If you will experience, You will learn, Experience is not a commodity to sell It worth buy. So please visit our website, Learn what we have for you and your better livings. Please leave a comment if you understand to have your opinion. Thanks. Welcomes Every Indian As Own Financial Identity. Hope To See You Soon & You Will Explore

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