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Gullak- Indian Piggy Bank

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

  • Introduction to Gullak- Indian Piggy Bank

  • What-if 'Gullak' money start growing

  • Learning perfect methods of saving

  • Innovation with Gullak

  • Why starting with childhood

  • A step forward to human intelligence

Remember when we were children, We loved those guests who gave us money when they were about to leave. 

We used to be very happy and excited after getting those coins. The tradition said that they actually give good luck in the form of the money and we were asked to save that good luck into the Gullak, Indian form of Piggy Bank.

Do you know that the Pig is not associated with the piggy bank! Although we see piggy banks as the shape of a pig it has not got its name because of Pig.

The concept had come-out from Europe between the 11th to 15th centuries. It was the time when the concept of the bank did not exist. People kept their savings in jars and pots made of clay called Pygg which were pronounced by people like Pig. 

In his book "Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things" Charles Panati mentioned that people save money in the pots or jar and put them in the kitchen. These jars were called Pygg jars because of Pygg clay and further, they were called Pygg Bank.

Further its pronunciation, it has got the shape of a pig and been called the piggy bank.

Fortunately Gullak has always been artistic in India. Scribed in a cultural and emotional way that reflects the geographical glimpse.

Now We see Piggy Banks made of different materials like plastic and, for its shape we call them the piggy bank.

Indian Piggy Bank the Gullak, comes in different shapes and mostly made of clay. 

Whatever it is, Gullak or Piggy Bank is the first step of humankind toward money management and step by step they learned and developed systematic finance and investment management techniques.

By childhood we learn the perfect method of saving. With time we grew and our practice slowed. Because of that most of us suffer from financial crisis in daily life.

What-if your Gullak money grow with time

Starting is always crucial and Piggy Valley is the initial saving step for you from the Samrat Investments.

By simply opening a "Saving Account with Piggy Valley" you are likely to have a Digital Gullak.

Where Piggy Valley enables you to customize your saving with your choice including amount, tenure*, installation and even name (Isn’t that cool and innovative?).

Innovation with Gullak

In early days people even with little earning ends with creating more wealth than their forefathers left with. Of course they were laborious.

In today’s world we earn more and more, and at the end of day we left with few pennies.

Of course we do hard work too. This is a story of 79- 87% households globally. Suffering from financial incompetence which effects our happiness and social engagement negatively.

Somewhere in life we forget ancient practice of perfect money management which was taught from childhood unknowingly. It is good to excel in life but not by forgetting the fundamental laws.

Why starting with childhood

We embraced Gullak savings with passion, excitement and sometimes for purpose, not to stress the life. Everything you do with heart leads to great.

We evolve as we make mistakes, analyse those mistakes and learn from mistakes. Starting from childhood of Gullak journey, we end up with learning many things which are not taught at any schools or colleges.

And the secret is Gullak is the first step to fortune.

The moment you get a magical return from your Gullak is a great way to understand the value of investing and compound growth.

A step forward to human intelligence

With time and technology we start practicing new methods which are more effective, simpler and superior for life.

That’s why we discovered a completely customized "Magic Gullak" which not only reminds of childhood practice but the Gullak can be filled from anywhere, anytime and magically it grows your money with time.

That is the moment when you take a step towards your fortune. Soon the journey turned into structured and determined finance.


So when you are taking this journey?

And when your child is going to experience the 'Digital Gullak'?

Take their little finger and let Samratians walk with their journey to life, with freedom and confidence.

*Tenure as of savings policy.

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