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I am me, I am me!


Series 1 depicts the behaviour, beauty & superiority within human. Each quotes demonstrates the multiple character and glory of human.

Through quotes, it resembles the journey of human throughout life. Variety of experiences and obstacles that comes in way when you come to pursue what you love.

Distribution of people in multiple categories and their qualities, flaws along with benefits from society.

What I choose to be now is a mystery or mirage, where I am moving is neither easy nor short-straight, Neither past was in favor but I will go. I am me. I am me

I demanded that because it was my life and dream. I fought for everyhing which I deserved and gave it to those whom it should be served. I am me. I am me

I failed and failed because I was unaware of the changes in principles of the war but I choose to stand in field until my last performance and to examine the man in me. I am me. I am me.

I have wasted most of the time on social media in doing unnecessary but I don't regret because I know one day I will return to my originality. I am me. I am me

I have sensed the change and maturity leading me to the path of evolution. I observed the veins during suffering and pleasure. It's here inside me. I am me. I am me

Thank You!

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