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For you, and everyone.

Work with Samrat Investments

Discover the best out of you

Diversified- to bring culture, information and cognition closer to life, shared by people hailing from diverse land of planet, to share common purpose of financial innovation.

Progressive- being smarter than the day before to unwind the potential within. Making an impact and leadership capability to ensure your long- term career pursuit.

Transparency- access to information and benefits to cherish your valuable effort and love for your passion for what you do.


Growth- opportunity to achieve infinite possibilities by accessible resources and flexible opportunities. With cutting edge technology and informative decision making strategy.

Passion- transfer positive potential from experts of your fields and transfer it to exceptional purpose.

Financial Analyst

IT & Developer



Asset & Wealth Management

Our mission is to evolve as the most profitable, embracing and, with incredible experienceaccessible financial & banking community universally.

Consciousness is at the heart of our business and work, or say we continue to pursue this in day-to-day work. Consciousness first brings happiness, peace and agility in you which together leads to a conscious world.

Creating a sustainable culture and world is the continuous pursuit; for the profits, belonging, experience, accuracy and solutions.

​If you are passionate about working with Samrat Investments, you must be conscious in life.​

We believe the purpose of core value is to continue a dynamic working environment, better consumer experience and nurture a good human within us.

8 core values

  • Consciousness & Awareness 

  • Human experience 

  • Customer eccentric 

  • Innovation & design 

  • Integrity & discipline 

  • Leadership 

  • Empower talent & resource

  • Pace & Quality

Working at Samrat Investments means;

  • Learning and growth opportunity,

  • Zero tolerance policy 

  • Speedy outcome with high quality service 

Artificial Intelligence

​Artificial Intelligence is not just meant for automation at work​;​ rather to create the experience, solutions and sustainable ways to unlock the potential of resources that never existed or were discovered earlier.

What we create accelerates empowerment, happiness and progress.

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