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Save with freedom and confidence

Get upto 4- 6 % extra on savings from market

Because most diverse and flexible way to get more with your money is always the best choice.

Make smarter move by opening account, and get most suitable plan for you from infinite savings schemes and benefits.

Savings benefits and feature at Samrat I

Start saving today 

Benefits and feature


24x7 support


No paperwork

Most profitable

No hidden fee

Savings starts with ​₹ 100 


0% loss commitment


Personal savings plan


Achieve your financial goal by opening account. Fresh, and personalized only for you.

Piggy Valley Plan

Personalized Plan 

~ Mini​mum saving

 ​₹ 100 (SIP & lump-sum) 

~ 8%- Live value* (Assured return)

Live value applicable

~ Customized financial plan

~ Free expert advisory

~ Money-back guarantee**

SamVan Lifetime Plan

Long-Term Plan

~ Mini​mum saving (SIP & lump-sum)

​₹ 240 000 (Urban)
​₹ 200 000 (Rural)

~ 16%-126% * (Assured return)

Live value applicable

~ Additional bonus 
.5% increment half yearly

~ Expert Advisory

~ Money-back guarantee**

Student Growth Plan

Especially for the Students

~ Mini​mum saving (SIP & lump-sum)

 ​₹ 10 000- ​₹ 1 700 000  (Maximum)

~ 08%- 19% * (Live value applicable)

~ Expert Advisory

~ Eligible for Inspyr Fellowship

~ Access to multiple learning stuff

~ Scholarship and research benefits

~ Money-back guarantee**

Global Growth Plan

Mid-Term Plan

~ Mini​mum saving (SIP & lump-sum)

​₹ 65 000- No limit (Maximum)

~ 10%- 21% * (Assured return)

Live value applicable

~ Additional bonus 

.5% increment half yearly

~ Expert Advisory

~ Money-back guarantee**

Still confused about savings options, Sa

Still confused about savings options

Let our experts do it for you as of your choice

Financial Planning

For all your financial goals we got you covered. From higher education to retirement, from vacation to long-term benefits, from marriage to other options.

Smarter Savings

To save money to get best return of it, by having all the financial issues covered. Smarter approach to manage the same savings.



Now it’s easier to wipe your debt in with few simple habits.

Total debt



Planning higher education

Budget shouldn’t be a reason to compromise your dreams. Let your imagination fly & we care your structure.

Total EMI



Dream happier retirement

Go for the life you never got time to live, as you have made enough savings. Make your moments now.

Total burden


​* Interest rate varies with period of investment. ​Example:​ ​F​or 2 years assured return is 8%, or 19% assured return for 13 years. (Live value & additional bonus for long-term is applied automatically)

**​ If you wish to discontinue with our services, you can ask to close your account within 30 days. Your balance will be refunded.​

1. Live value: Real-time value of Samrat Investments' commerce. Can be updated any moment {Your profit return value is either assured  8- 23% or expected 'Live value' (Whichever is higher).}

2. Personalized/Customized- Custom made financial plan just for you on your mark. In which you can customize your amount, tenure, installation, even name of financial plan.

  • There will be no extra charges for the financial planning or expert consulting during account opening.

  • Minimum saving period is 2 years for any scheme.

  • Saving amounts can be customized in lump-sum or systematic planning based on your feasibility.

  • Extra .5- 2% bonus half-yearly is added apart from live value for the long-term savings.

  • Your profit return is compounded half- yearly ( except for half-yearly and yearly installment) with increment of .5%, 1% & 2% starting with 6%.

  • .5 extra return every half yearly + live value/ assured return for 20 years. 

  • 1% extra return every half yearly + live value for 40 years saving.

  • 2 times the age of investment + bonus for 40 years- 60 years.

  • There is NO hidden term & conditions or policy for the benefits if you are saving as of schemes or timely.

  • .75% extra return is added in overall benefits to senior citizens, independent women & forces
  • Adding up to 6% extraaa profit, with overall profit. (To self independent, single parent mother and youth)*. Know more.
  • For fathers- Up to 4.7% extraa on complete benefit (If you are saving for your father)

  • For fathers-  Up to rs. 17 200 yearly extraa on complete profit (If you have more than 3 girl child, on saving for the higher education)

  • For farmers- Up to 40% reimbursement on seeds, fertilizers & logistics.* Data to be updated soon.

  • Make sure to deposit a saving amount on time or before the next 3 days of saving date.

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