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Helping doers to invest in their ideas to make the world a better place.


Who sees the infinite

  • If your start-up could impact and confidence to touch the impossibilities,

  • If your idea is worth in millions to maintain the live society,

  • If you think you are crazy about your work and bring it in one's life for a purpose,

  • True innovation along with purpose to serve and impact generations,

  • Something you think only you can perform, the way it should be.


What's your quest

Before brand or business; we are ideas and hope evolving in intellect.

Ideas are like pollen, they don't need reason to organize and serve. They required proper nourishment to evolve and then influence.

The quest of reaching beyond and discovering something new or amazing has always pushed humans out of their limits.

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Recent startups:

OASIS robotics, Smarter life, intelligen
HESL Intelligence (human evolution & sma
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