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Code Of Ethics

We are not living in age where we can afford irresponsible people, being conscious throughout is compulsory. Code Of Conduct is a link between organizations and employees to consumer, to hold the professional standards and moral values.


I. Serving consumer 

Our consumer put their faith and value in Samrat Investments not only because we offer higher return, but because the way we inspire through our actions in day to day life and holding together to serve higher purpose of value and innovation. Set of ideology will help us in reshaping and improvising the standard value and better experience around:

II. Integrity 

Something that hold us together to carry the same purpose we stand for and initiated ourselves. Showing our loyalty to our clients who believe in us. Only through bringing real impact during communication and interaction within and consumer, we can hold their trust in us for what they choose us out of market.

III. Accountability 

For everything we do from marketing to innovation, assistance to solving issues, we hold a chain of responsibility not only for their money but the happiness we can share via interaction.

All the important information, our clients/ user share to us, holds a great sense of security and responsibility to make it secure at any cost. For what clients/ user believe in us. 

As professional and expert, we are here not to complicate their feedback, or issues but to simplify it for them.

IV. Spirituality

At Samrat Investments, we believe in healthy mind and body which includes inner happiness while working, stress reduction, living fit and most importantly responsible about whatever doing.

By practicing your faith and keeping your mind calm at workplace. To share a humane behaviour throughout process between employee- employee and employee-consumer.

We encourage flexible working and enthusiastic nature which create an innovative solutions and service. Spiritual is not here to promote single caste, race, religion, color or age motives but encouraging you to have a mind with less unnecessary thoughts, happier with family, friends, colleagues and society and working to accomplish greater purpose.

1. Use of Information

Protecting the Company’s nonpublic information, which includes everything from contracts and pricing information to marketing plans,

technical specifications and employee information, research to inventions and product innovation to acquisition.

1.1 Nonpublic Information

Do not disclose any confidential data or nonpublic information to anyone outside the Company, including to family and friends, except when disclosure is required for business purposes. Even then, take appropriate initiative, such as execution of a confidentiality agreement, to prevent misuse of the information.

Do not disclose nonpublic information to others inside the Company unless they have a business reason to know, and communications have been classified according to the policy.

1.2 What Is Nonpublic Information?

The information which is not accessible to public.

Examples includes information related to:

• Employees*

• Inventions

• Contracts

• Strategic and business plans

• Major management changes

• New product launches

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Technical specifications

• Pricing

• Proposals

• Financial data

• Product costs

2. Conflicts of Interest

To put organisation above personal interest and benefits. Being conscious with choice over for global benefit and personal independence.

A conflict of interest may occur when you or a family member receive a personal benefit as a result of your position with Samrat Investments.

Similarly, you may not use your position at Samrat Investments to request personal benefits for yourself or your family members.


3. Corporate Opportunities 

Samrat Investments personnel may not exploit or take advantage of business opportunities that are discovered through the use of Samrat Investments’ property, information, or position for personal gain unless the opportunity is disclosed fully in writing to the company and Samrat Investments declines to pursue such opportunity.

4. Potentially Conflicting Relationships

Samrat Investments does not prohibit dating among Samrat Investments' Personnel, nor does it prohibit relatives from working together within, for or on behalf of the company. However, if a potentially conflicting relationship, romantic or otherwise, involves two employees in a direct reporting relationship, in the same chain of command, or otherwise creates an actual or apparent conflict of interest, the employees must disclose the relationship to Human Resources. While both employees have a responsibility to disclose any such potential conflict, if you are a manager, your failure to properly disclose may result in more serious discipline. Upon learning of any potential conflict, Samrat Investments may reassign at least one of the individuals to a different position or role within the company.

In any event, where your significant other, relative, or any other potentially conflicted person is within your chain of command, you must recuse yourself from any decision-making concerning the person’s compensation, promotion, discipline or termination and must refrain from participating in his/her performance review.

If you have a personal or financial relationship with any service providers to Samrat Investments, such as investors, small businesses, consultant, advisor, suppliers or contingent workers, for which you have work-related responsibilities (e.g. where you are the Samrat Investments assignment manager, participating in advisory selection, determining the terms of a contract or assignment, etc.) you must disclose that relationship to the Conflicts Committee by submitting a request via the online tool and recuse yourself from any decision-making regarding that service provider.

In addition, Samrat Investments’ Board of Directors may from time to time adopt separate policies with respect to directors’ conflicts of interest in order to address the particular circumstances arising from their role as members of the board. Any such policy will supersede the conflicts of interest guidelines above to the extent applicable

  • Outside Investments

  • Outside Employment, Speeches and Presentations

  • Outside Service as an Officer or Director

  • Relatives and Friends

  • Gifts, Meals and Entertainment

When you are unsure, seek guidance. 

5. Achievement with motive drives sustainable growth.

Samrat Investments role in the communities, it is evolved to value the resource (includes Nature, Human) & Sustainable Technology (includes human innovation and environmental interaction). The whole ecosystem drives to single motto human welfare includes a class ecosystem.

3.1 Human: providing customers with a variety of product choices to help them lead balanced and healthier lives,

3.2 Nature: Preserving the earth’s natural resources through consciousness, innovation, awareness and

efficiency in our function throughout.

3.1.1 Human Innovation: Tons of invention and development to simplify the human life and their ease. During innovation process, most important things are resources which is involved. 

We bring innovation not only for ease but with conscious throughout process, which leads to a great utilisation of innovation and invention for human life.

6. Environmental Interaction

Involvement of natural resource in our innovation and invention is dealt with great honour because they are the life’s form, we can’t expect civilisation without such resources.

You can help us invest in our local communities by involving local people, creating products that serve to local tastes, protecting natural resources and partnering with local farmers, governments and community groups.

Samrat Investments is dedicated to discover long-term profitable growth by investing in hygienic future for people and universe.

We utilise resources to create a great experience for humanity by preserving the beauty of nature with our values and practices.

5. Anti corrupt & anti bribe

As regulated by respective state of court and sense of individual.

6. Anti-Money Laundering

If you suspect your mates, customer, consultant or advisor is engaged in an illegal activity, report it.

Samrat Investments complies with all laws that prohibit money laundering or financing for illegal

or illegitimate purposes.

Money laundering is the act of concealing the transformation of profits from illegal activities and corruption into ostensibly "legitimate" assets.

You should always ascertain that you are dealing business with reputable business owners/ investors for legitimate business purposes, with legitimate funds.

7. International Trade Controls

If your customer / investor/ business owners linked in the import or export of goods for their businesses, you must obey the respective trade regulations.

As a global company, Samrat Investments transfers goods, services and technologies across national borders. Our business transactions are subject to various trade controls and laws that regulate export and import, including:

• Government-imposed export controls, trade restrictions, trade embargoes, legal economic sanctions and boycotts

• Anti-boycott laws that prohibit companies from participating in or cooperating with an international boycott that is not approved or sanctioned by the Indian government.

If you are involved in the transfer of goods or services across national borders on behalf of our company or our customers, you must obey the these laws, regardless of where you are located. If Indian law conflicts with a local trade law, Indian law may apply.

Always consult with the Law Department for proper guidance on this subject.

8. Harassment 

Samrat Investments does not tolerate unlawful harassment or any mistreatment by or of workers (including individual contributors, managers, and contingent workers), guests, clients, or agency partners in the workplace or in a work-related situation on the basis of sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion (or belief, where applicable), age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, genetic information or characteristics (or those of a family member), or any other category protected under applicable federal, state, or local law. If you suspect harassment, discrimination, or retaliation (as described in our Harassment Policy) has occurred, you are encouraged, and managers are required, to promptly provide a written or oral complaint to an HR, Employment Law ( Please refer to our full Harassment Policy.

9. Sustainability and environmental laws and regulations

Our School of thought states, “We must preserve the resources we have access to by understanding ecological order, protecting the nature from human disaster in our day to day life utility.”Employees are required to adhere to Company-wide programs, as well as be conscious and comply with environmental laws and regulations that relate to our specific work responsibilities.

10. Animal welfare

We view the ethical and humane treatment of animals required for scientific investigation to be both a moral and

regulatory responsibility. We comply with the high standards established in our animal welfare guidelines and policies.

In addition we support advancing alternatives to animal research.

11. Freedom of sense and responsibility

Freedom of sense and responsibility is higher than right to freedom. Sometimes in life you have to stand for something which is legally correct, sometimes morally correct. We expect you to be conscious and be fair. Ask yourself, what would you do if you had great responsibility for task you are given. Thanks simple question can impact your whole work and society.

12. Time Utilizing

Samrat Investments pays you to utilize the resources for betterment and overall productivity. Either spend time in value of organization, being a good team or loving your family rather doing something waste. Your every activity has its consequences, you gotta responsibility then stand for it either organization or loved ones.

Respect the mother tongue and spirit of the law of the nations. Loyal ourselves to offer secure, authentic, profitable and customer eccentric service and to enhance the quality of life everywhere through all our service experience. Encourage a working culture where ideas, talent , creativity, & innovation can breath freely, while practising friendly, professional and mutual trust among team and workplace or organisation. Implement transparency and interactive relation among employee- employee, employee- clients, employee-investors, employee- business & throughout organisation communication and interaction.

13. Respond

Document and escalate any employee’s expressed concern through the appropriate channels.Take prompt corrective action to address identified compliance weaknesses. Take appropriate disciplinary action. Integrate employees’ integrity contributions into evaluations and recognition and reward programs.

Not mere a banker something beyond....

We are not here to deal in terms of money rather to create together a better world around. We always appreciate your honest feedback and passion to practice healthier workplace.

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