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Learning Program

  • Be smarter in No Cost

  • Non-financial background, NO worry

  • For Students & Professionals

  • Be good with money & life

Rise above all

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man!

Be Smarter Today with Learning. It will pay you back to lifetime

Designed to share financial education to everyone irrespective of financial background, age, affordability and accessibility.

Be smarter in No Cost.

With initiative #ApanPadhegatoDeshBadhega and #ReduceFinancialStress

Course Details

Choose the appropriate course by enrolling the form. Designed for financial and non-financial background individual.

 Level of subject will be automated once your complete the fundamental course in No Cost.

Education and learning program, samrat i

Fundamental (200 credits)

Personal Savings

Money Management*

Financial Planning*

Financial Freedom

Startup Prototyping*

Fundamental of saving

Financial Literacy





Intermediate (325 credits)

Fortune Making

Investment Strategy*

Being rich genuinely

Debt Management*

Financial Crisis*

Investment Management*

Wealth Management*

Risk Management*

Principle of


Being rich mentally

Advance (750 credits)

Portfolio Management*

Behavioural Finance*

Capital Marketing

Corporate Finance *

Financial Accounting

Financial Modelling

Security Analysis

Financial Analysis*

Asset Management*

Financial Markets

Most Asked Questions

Before enrolling, read the basic question about the course. Contact support if you have any question.


What if I don’t reach 200 credits?

Share the screenshot that you made an effort and Consider this course as a Gift of Honesty.


What does this course includes?

1. Online learning, 2. Group Discussion, 3. One-to-One Session, 4. Certificate

5. Internship Opportunity 6. Full-time Employment


How do you see your credit scores?

Credit score is automated based on your activity.

Based on your selection and course level, courses will be shared.


What’s unique about this course?

1. Course is designed by experts, researchers, analysts and innovators of Samrat Investments & alliance.

2. Course brings real-time and practical experience.

3. Course includes what we have learn during our journey from startup to organisational development which shares a genuine and scientific approach.


Why these credit funda?

1.      The whole point of credits is to make courses accessible and affordable to you,

2.      To see how dedicated you can be for learning this course and certification,


How much this course costs?

INR 0.

1. Use activity to unlock course.

2. More you learn more course you unlock.


Who can enroll the course? Is this course for students only?



Any person irrespective of age, gender and nationality can apply for this course.

Non-financial background enthusiast can enroll


Why this course is helpful and must be in MOST important T0-Do-list for learning this year?

1. Offers knowledge of course

2. Fundamental understanding to manage money wisely, gain wealth without stressing and mostly a better financial life. #StayFinanciallyFit

3. To achieve your financial and real life goals

Selected person who accomplished course can join our internship/ full time opportunity.


Can anyone (have to) pay a fee?

Yes, if you have excess money you can pay for the course. (We will use it for unprivileged)

1 credit equal 2 INR

Pay using Course code SFB18SFLP002643

(Use "Pay here" page) 

Confirm the support team before payment.


It's human tendency that we don't value much if anything comes free, at the same time resources must be accessible and affordable to everyone irrespective of discrimination.

Ankit Kumar (CEO & Co-Founder)

Education is subject of curiosity and passion, Do NOT force a person to learn.

Credit & Activity

Make activity exciting, interactive and an act of great experience.

Here is how you can earn credit to access more and more courses. (15)- Means you earned 15 credit.

Note: Share the activity of each credit in PDF or Photo via WhatsApp- (95011 74361)

Submission of any activity must be done via WhatsAPP or mail click here followed by your name Ms/ Mr./ Mrs abcyz


Sharing Story that matters (Any post from Samrat Investments official page)

Share a post to Instagram story (15)

Share a post to WhatsApp story (15)

Share a post to Facebook story (15)

Share a post to Snapchat story (15)


Make a post with hashtag #ApanPadhegatoDeshBadhega or #ReduceFinancialStress

Make a post on Instagram (15)

Make a post on Facebook (15),

Tweet a post on Twitter (15),

Make a post on Pinterest (15),

Make a post on Tumblr (15)

Make a post on Reddit (15)

Make a post on any social sharing platform (15)


Invite anyone to 'Open Savings Account' (50)

An initiative for most profitable and secure saving experience.

Use your mail as referral code.


Share an unique ideas (40)

Idea which solves any kind of real issues within our business or outside our business.

Get an further opportunity like fellowship or funding


Refer this course via mail (25)

Gift this Course to one you care (25)

using any medium like SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp or any platform.

Note: Point credited only if action taken.


Make a video (40)

Impact of savings & financial planning in life.


How Samrat Investments is helping people achieve their financial goals.

Share the link of video


Make a poster (40)


Designed by you personally.

Handmade art on cardboard or digital design about any of our initiative/ campaigns/ awareness programs or services. 


 Level of subject will be automated once your complete the fundamental curse.

* These course are available in intermediate and advance level.


Note: Share the activity of each credit in PDF or Photo via WhatsApp- (95011 74361)

Submission of any activity must be done via WhatsAPP or mail click here followed by your name Ms/ Mr./ Mrs abcyz

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