Frequently asked questions


What is Samrat investments?

Samrat Investments is evolved to transform the way money works for you in terms of day to day life and long term strategy. To shape it worthy by making it customisable, profitable through dual mode of return & easily accessible, affordable and achievable service for you. Say a balanced economic life for you. Money works in financial service (Personal Saving), Investment Management, funding, consultancy and freedom venture.

What Is Piggy Valley?

Piggy Valley is one of the personal saving plan which is totally customizable as of your choice and availability. To let you experience the Financial Freedom. You can save your money according to your earning, purpose, and depending on your financial requirements. Get higher profit of your saving and investment.

What does "% Today values Invest or Live Value" means?

Suppose, you see 46% today's / Live Value- means if you withdraw your savings/ money today then you will get same interest rate of your wealth for the mid-term plan (2 yearly), after your tenure. Long-term plan (Same profit along with bonus/ extra % anually). It varies with long-term savings. Live value varies with commerce of company.

How does investment works for new users ?

Complete KYC using 'open account' form. Then complete financial planning form using your customer Id (C ID). You will have to choose any of plans according to your investment requirement like Mid-term, Long-term or you can customize your plan. After above confirmation you can choose any of payment gateway to save money.

How saving with Samrat Investments can be superior choice?

We always effort you to be conscious about your life and savings. Value, profitability and experience by Samratians is what makes your saving worth. Your financial complexity must be wiped out. By reducing loss and risk to zero %. If you are unsatisfied with our service, you may withdraw your money within 30 days.

What is 'Positive loss zone' in personal savings?

'Positive Loss Zone' where you don’t need to worry about fear of loss or risk about savings because your minimum profit will be 8% guaranteed, and maximum will be directly proportional to the commerce of company ie. 'Live Value.
Minimum 8% is just to secure your penny & it's nourishment.

Why do we need to start this company/ initiative among hundreds of banks or asset management company?

We have been living in the culture where most people are forced to invest money. Rather creating the environment & awareness where you have opportunity to grow money, & secure wealth or to create other source of assets. People have to suffer because of their status in different banks.
Lack of profit, innovations in economy which is lagging the nations behind. You can expect value with us apart from profit.

How investment return processes for you?

We use balanced fund strategy management to secure your money from risk and loss by enhancing profit to maximum.
By investing in millions of local & global markets, individuals, and organisations; your saving is cause for creating a better society through investment.

What motivate us to work to enhance your profit?

We understand the blood, sweat, tears & commitment it takes to run a business and to earn a penny. We dream a better life for every child who breathes every now. We are one of you who have great aspiration for life and investemnt.

How it works? Clients/ Investors/ Funding joining procedure.

You need to Open account offline or online depends on availability and locality. Offline is possible where our support team exists, otherwise online. After verifying your account, we share a customer ID. Using your C ID, you can start saving according to your plan. Choose your plan. Start investing and growing.

  • Complete KYC using open account form,
  • Plan your personal savings,
  • Start saving according to plan,
Same joining procedure works to complete the form for funding, consultancy or investment management. For freedom venture or funding, we verify ideas or business. Once evaluation completes, investment process.

What is minimum and maximum period of saving?

You will have to secure your money for minimum 2 years for any kind of account. Maximum investment period is 65 years. You can choose period depending on your requirement and purpose of saving.

What is the minimum or maximum amount to invest?

It depends on the locality, plan and salary, we use such procedure to make saving affordable and profitable for you. In piggy valley plan you can start with Rs 100.
Minimum Rs. 5 000 savings in rural areas or if your annual salary is below Rs. 200 000. Rs 10 000 in urban areas or salary above Rs 200 000 for other saving account.
Maximum limit depend with plan. See details in the plan. No limit for long-term saving. If you want to fix your money then it depends on your choice and terms.

Why will I never be in loss?

As mentioned about guaranteed return. Your minimum 8% is assured i.e. as risk by taking care of your financial life & trust as our esteemed clients to benefit you.
You will be rich always if you invest a part of your wealth with us because every moment we work for your maximum growth.
Your investment will remain positive & in profit as growth of our company.

Now why Samrat Investments?

You have maximum probability to achieve the highest profit you ever get because you have indirect proportion in company. It doesn’t matter your amount of investment. If you buy shares from third-party or any organisation to get maximum profit then maybe you could get loss or profit but here you are in Positive-loss zone (means no loss at all, you can expect profit every time). Dual mode of Positive-loss & maximum profit is always there to secure and enhance your savings.

What is The Moneyback Guarantee?

Money Back, Yeah, you read well.
Service is not about to put you in trap after business, it's something you need and it must be served well.
Within 30 days if you think you chose wrong plan or any trouble then your amount will be refunded*.
You money is yours, and you have earned it. Samrat Investments don't have right to decisions on your dedication.

How my investment circulates & it's utilization in society or market?

Each of us wants to do well & make some changes by doing something good. Not all can be extraordinary. But together we canmake great things along with profit for the society.
So your every single penny circulates in field of agriculture, technology, infrastructure and more of innovation in diverse sectors.
In much balanced way to get you profit and value as well.
Let's make you hero by doing little valuable and worth of living from your savings.

What is the 'Higher Profit Promise' all about?

The 'Higher Profit Promise' means you get higher profit on savings as proportional growth of commerce of company. We assure you the 8% of minimum guaranteed return just to secure you which is worth than loss. Our balanced fund strategy and liquidity investment always dedicates to get you higher profit. Using 'Live Value', you can expect higher profit.

​In emerging multiple NBFSs (Investment funds) how Samrat Investments is making difference and will survive?

​​-- 1st​:​ ​O​ur service starts with awareness and confidence so that you can use even Rs 100 ​of your ​earning​ ​at best.
Now Samrat Investments​ is​ not limited to personal saving in fact we offer diverse financial solution for individual and business as well. Along with funding startup and investing in small business to empower and excel society and profit of our clients; our balance portfolio management strategy is unique approach to sustain even Re 1.

​-- ​2nd​:​ Samrat Investments' initiative as awareness and diversity of our financial products strengthens the organisation​ with it's own motive to serve​.
Using consulting to share accurate financial planning, personal savings to grow your wealth without stressing risk, awareness to empower your financial knowledge, and freedom venture to create business plaform for you to convert your savings into fortune.

​Is Samrat Investments another fraud in ​financial sector?

​It's very important to discuss about your each saving, fraud behavior and transparency.
1. With complete digital and paperless saving​s​.
2. As our core is awareness (which you can only experience during business with us) and profit.
3. Our diverse financial product ensure balance and higher profit to clients.
Yes, we are just 5 years in finance that's what make us more dedicated and curious to understand your priorities and continue serving long by solving financial complexity.
That's why we offer different saving module to ensure profitability with complete 0% risk and loss.
4. And we are super confident because we got each other's back and trust. That's only secret to prosperous family and we have it.

Samrat Investments' personal savings model are complex?

​As Samrat Investments' emerged to simplify and secure the finance and savings for you.

You can say it's difficult or complex only because it's different from the savings method we encountered from years ie. physical savings especially.

That's what make it unique, most secured and profitable model of personal saving that we are taking different approach to your money, that's only way to grow your profit and reduce the risk.

​Unregistered investment fund from Samrat Investments. Why? How?

It's obvious to have fear of risk, "what if company runs away with my money"

Samrat Investments by heart is developed and evolved with moral consciousness, completely focused to empower investors. By offering a platform to invest securely and educating continuously so that investors can make proper investment decisions.
Starting from a small dream of "Digital Gullak", we have made a journey to diverse financial services.

SEBI/ RBI regulatory bodies currently don't accept the investment model proposed by Samrat Investments which is dual return on investment. It's either traditional banking with a disgusting return, or financial markets with high return on higher risk.
At Samrat Investments, we are optimistic and confident that dual return will serve the right lifestyle for billions of investors having guaranteed plus expected (higher) return.
As an investor, you are requested to invest single pennies only if you believe in the vision, diversified portfolios and growth of Samrat Investments. For- transparency, innovation, higher returns and valuable experience is priority. Technology and human intelligence have given us the privilege to find solutions to every existing problem. We must uplift ourselves with futuristic services here.

What's the right way of making better investment decisions for an investor?

Ask yourself 'how much money do you need for your goals after 2, 5, 10, 14, 20 years'?
Which company is helping you​​ to get that much of assets with what you have now.
Further take help from experts in finding the right goal for you or how to calculate the amount required for your goal.

You can consult with verified experts by Samrat Investments here for free. Click on Live Chat for quick consulting and assistance.

How does Samrat Investments invest your money? How does this process work?

Using balanced portfolio management to ensure that Samrat Investments offers higher return.
Your money is channelized in various assets based, small businesses, idea based (startups) or reputed companies. Which is categorised in disclosed or undisclosed investment.
Information of disclosed investment made by Samrat Investments, are publicly available to you. Now investors can choose the sector in which they want their money to grow (Optional). Investors receive periodic investment related updates.

What's the probability of investment made in startups with higher ROI?

Investments made in startups are categorised under high gain and high risk categories based on products/ services and solutions of startups. All investments made in startups by Samrat Investments are supervised by qualified experts, scientists and economists. Individual investors are suggested to consult experts before investing directly in startups to avoid loss or wrong investment decisions.

What makes Samrat Investments unique in the fintech segment?

Every fintech solving genuine problems are unique in their own way and respectful. With Samrat Investments: Valuable experience Dual return on investment (Guaranteed and Expected) World's first artificial intelligence based customizable investment funds Higher ROI will zero risk Flexible investment, payment and scheme Diverse investment funds (Fact: Investors can create an infinite number of investment schemes). Focused on money management Financial education is key to Samrat Investments No loss policy Real-time organised money with AI What we believe is our continuous pursuit to solve financial problems and bring valuable experience to you is most unique value.

Freedom Venture

How freedom venture works for service provider or investors?

We connect service provider to investor for the mutual profit. Any service provider who serve better quality can ask for investment. Once you 'Open account' or submit query. Our assistance will get in touch with you.