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Billions with no financial identity


Years challenge


Nations to serve globally

Windmills on green field


Bringing sustainable and affordable energy to every home. To create renewable energy in order to maintain the toxic level on the planet.
Innovation in the generation of geo-energy on individual and business level like
for the clean energy.
For the billions of people, need to be benefited with clean energy.

Innovation for humanity



Something we are trying to put in action and impact humanity.

Join our non-profitable research and development team who are dedicated to make change and be part of something larger than life.

The purpose which pushes human limitation to great leap of invention and infinite possibility. 

The great this is you don't need a permission to do good. Take any platform to cheer the team who are making an impact every moment.

Volunteer Opportunities


Education is ability to meets life's situation. Achieve quality education for the every group of people to use their potential and evolved at most within life. To develop various skills and learning to exchange the innovation and culture with vast wisdom for humanity.

Display of Stock Market Quotes


To experience proportional financial equality on the basis of requirement for the particular group of people. The better management of available resources, to enhance the assets and reduce the liability with advance research, deep analysis and genuine strategy. Conversion of skilled people to employed class and bring skill in the unemployed group for maximum utility.

Poverty is the worst form of violence

I see- I ignore,

I understand- I don't realise & I ignore,

I think but I don't act- I ignore

I wish but I don't prepare- I ignore

I am Human, best creature with infinite potential but- I ignore

Please don't ignore "NOW"-

Act, Act, Act, Act, Act, Act until you succeed.

Making a Difference

​Your small action makes a big difference. You don't need miracle or to be hero to make changes. You can make thing better by making small contribution and spreading awareness.


A bit of consciousness in work can make a huge impact.​​

Goal & Approach

​​To complete the certain goals before 2023. Access quality education and conscious future to one in need.


  • Convert liability into assets!

  • Reduce poverty and illiteracy!

  • Aid to tackle any crisis with research and resources!

According to current data 2.5 billions people belongs to the category where they are not living but thriving to educate their children, to access them proper nutrients- food and shelter.
Irrespective of Class, Race, Age or else- We care Humans.
​Society is lame without human with conscious actions, pure thoughts- better education​​.


Today it lacks in most part of world.
It's our responsibility to owe for those who can't afford.
To provide financial identity to 2.3 billions by using their resources, skill and our innovation, Human resources and Technology.

Samrat Investments is donating every year in mass from it's business to make world a better place by financial awareness, quality education and more of Innovations.

We request you to support with you skill and possibility, money is not enough to make human life better rather quality education and conscious action.

The pursuit of happiness

​Education and Opportunity must be accessible, available ​and​ affordable to everyone. 

Let's put some happiness in part of them from our life,

Let's put dream in the eye of someone who don't even have hope of it, 

Let's put some wisdom in the name of our culture​ and​ history who they believed in us,

Let's spare our time with someone who is alone in the earth,

Let's stand for our self to live a better world,

Let's come together in the name of our wisdom​ and​ understanding,


Let's work for them whom we owe it. ​​

Who we are

​SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023 is a Campaign aims to access and experience financial awareness, literacy to everyone who needs it. Taking suitable actions to tackle crisis and supporting a sustainable future.

Human is meant to be better of all species, only our action and innovation can justify it.

We are bunch of people, maybe one of you who are working to make things better for the needy as much we can.

How we approach

​We share quality education, better skill and awareness in human across globally.
Continuously funding to improvise the education process and research.
According to current data 2.5 billion people belong to the category where they are not living but suffering to educate their children, to access them proper nutrients - and happiness.
Irrespective of Class, Race, Age or else - We care Humans.

Society is lame without human with conscious actions, pure thoughts- better education​​.


Live for the people need your help

  1. Born to impact.

  2. Take conscious actions.

  3. Create sustainable future.

  4. Take unbiased actions.

  5. Unbiased aid to one in need.

  6. Adding +1 smile every moment.

Why this initiative

​World always can use +1 extra hand to create a sustainable future and help one in need.

​#SamratInvestmentsChallenge initiative is reflection of our ethics and action that we believe in and determine to make it happen.



Everyone deserve happiness and not everyone is fortunate to have fundamental resources for a better life.

| Be +1 >

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