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Our mission is to evolve as the most profitable, embracing and, with incredible experienceaccessible financial & banking community universally.

If you wish to be millionaire through investing overnight, Samrat Investments may not be the correct choice, because we mere create a better environment to rise the Financial Profit for you at the highest.

Not just a story...

It was not a new dawn only rather a future born

Started in 2015, to experience you the Financial Freedom, bring Financial Awareness, to get you higher profit on saving, make banking and transaction affordable and accessible to you.

+ Our history

Financial Inclusion

  • To increase your profit without fear of loss on savings;

  • Managing your wealth to proper planning,

  • We create value in society by innovative approach and sustainable investment;

  • It is everyone's investment platform. No big- No small, It's just about maximum profit in every hand with your choice & need.

And then came


Explore the suitable career choice for you, and work the purpose which share the parallel potential as you desire.


Discover the financial inclusion, which is designed for

individual and business to accomplish financial needs.

The purpose we share

Together we can make a happier society

Why do we need to start this initiative among hundreds of finance company?

We have been living in the culture where most people are forced to invest money rather than creating the environment of growth, awareness about investment's purpose. Where people could invest to grow wealth and to create other source of the asset.

People have to suffer because of their status in banking sector. Lack of profit, innovation in economy which is lagging the humanity behind along with the structure of economy.

Approach of business can be more simpler and easy to reach potential consumer. With real- time data and accuracy, made by financial experts made your business solution more effective and consumer focused.

The People of Dreams

One who serves you

It's not the next most powerful firm we wish to create, but an incredible experience and flourishing culture of banking is what we need.​

We are creative artist who design better financial structure for you 

to grow your economy, reduce financial stress, experience you the financial freedom, and to lead a quality and a hassle-free life. 

We create an environment to nourish the investment for you to get more profit to buy the things sold in the market.

To innovate and build the way of service excellence for those who have hope for better future and for the child who is yet to 

dream of change. To transform the things lies in nature to make better use of it every moment. To live every moment at it's fullest. Creating awareness in people to use available resources and talent to make the world a better place of living and world class business.

And they are Samratians ...

Life of Samratians

Where opportunity meets innovation

We are an amazing community which let you live your unlimited dreams, innovation, creativity, expression and feelings by illuminating your potential and sense of responsibility.

To create an atmosphere to generate the leaders, we try to coin specialty in him and use that for public welfare. The person who could walk with his team. Where work is passion not target, Target is to serve, not the profit only. Service is to fulfill the Dreams and Happiness of SAMRATIANS. The platform to grow in life in serving as well as thrill the way to live life. To Evaluate and Understand the employee and their service in the way they grow.

Beyond the dreams

Grow If you can

Fulfill your dreams and needs If you can

Invest If you can

Understand If you can

Share If you can 

Explore If you can.

You will If You Can

Samrat Investments' Desk

Your words and Opinion

We are listening you

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts, Problems, Ideas.

We all can make it great with hard work, destroy the problems from the root & put the idea in real life to work for other people. Never ever feel your thought, and ideas are inferior. Its the work which makes things and imagination even better.

Let's start with small and see how it works. 

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