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What drives you to join our Global community. Are your passionate?


We Are Samratians

Welcome to our Global Community

And you are making the difference, and you don't need super power for it.

Without expecting, Earth serves everything to us.

निराश न हों, अपने आप पर यकीन रखें।

Motive to progress

Opportunity and resources must be accessible and affordable to everyone

Education and awareness enables human to unlock the hidden potential, to utilise the resources consciously and to live at the fullest every moment.

Same time, we focus on financial literacy and basic education to access human value and create opportunity using natural resources and human intelligence. 

By Sharing global culture, innovation and connectivity makes the world a happier and wonderful place to breathe freely.

Purpose of doing this

Something you live for

Earth has enough resources for all of us, but it's depleting with time, and lot of it will end in next few decades. As our ancestors protected culture and resources for us, it's our responsibility to carry on the legacy with double energy.
Most of us are suffering due to lack of financial literacy, a little awareness can be of great help.

Knowing nothing to creator

Starting from zero

Spend 5-10 minutes weekly in understanding our innovation, which is especially related to financial awareness.

In next, few months you will see huge change in yourself, which will surely impact your life positively.

Responsible for humanity

Needed to be done


  • Be connected to community motive and fully active on social media and share the content which is related to awareness. 

  • Sharing basic financial knowledge online and offline,

  • Create group or community and discuss such topic and educate people;

  • Initiate campaign in your school, college, office and society about literacy and basic finance.

  • Encourage and reach financial awareness to maximum people

Be the Change

It's very easy to ignore and busy with life.

Maximum companies are busy in selling their products and expanding bigger, by growing their enormous revenue. Experience and awareness is missing with time.

It's our responsibility as youth, to protect it. Because each of us need quality service and products. If you ignore today, you will be the victim someday.


Money is crucial part of livelihood, but above 90% people are suffering with financial illiteracy.


By sharing basic awareness can help improving their life and humanity also, Which will surely inspire next generation.



If not now then Never.

  • What is breathtaking about Piggy valley?
    Each one of invest for good returns. Piggy valley is designed to get you the best value you deserve without stressing about risk and loss, with a great and hassle free experience. The moment you want, it’s there to serve you. Anytime, anywhere.
  • What is in Piggy valley for you?
    Proper and valuable financial benefits are quite considerable issues. Piggy Valley reduces the risk and loss of your investment by zero% absolutely. While we have guaranteed an 8% return, on the other hand the ‘live value’ shares the opportunity of being valuable partner with you by sharing the maximum return rate based on the organization's commerce.
  • What’s the simple way to get better return?​
    Financial planning; Define your purpose for saving using expert advisory. Remember, every beautiful thing takes time so does the investment. ​

Global Community is managed by #SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023

to accomplish global connectivity and sharing motive to cherish humanity.

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