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We hate pollution (i.e. digital pollution, moral pollution, human-made pollution etc.)

Awareness is one of our core value, & we love it because it evolves humanity and share a happier life experience.

Sustainability: We are dedicated to make sustainable and eco-friendly business, in what we do throughout our global business to make a clean and superior world. 

Data Piracy: We value every data we collect in any form and do everything to make it secure for you.

Harassment: We believe in your freedom and choice for any products. We never share irritating information or any promotional messages in any form until it's for awareness and initiatives. We believe that awareness is fuel for 21st century.

For You: We hate to loose any of our clients. But still if you think you don't like our awareness initiative then you may choose to say 'No' to our further messages by simply replying to same messages.

Business: We put experience and awareness before our business. Making business environment sustainable and affordable for you. Sometimes good things are tough, but we somehow need to work for that anyhow because it leads to a great future along with happier today. We invest our budget in educating our users than wasting it on advertisement, because at end of day a good experience throughout the day only matters.

Learning: Based on our data, we share the learning materials to every user. Sometimes reality is tough, but we need to accept in order to evolve so does it applies with learning it may be boring until we understand  the impact of it.

Users: Our initiatives are applicable to employers and clients as well. By sharing meaningful stuff/ information we can create a worthy society around and a real innovation to the future. We want you to experience the authentic and great product and services. In current age, we encounter with tons of data online and offline everyday. Sometimes it's confusing to choose the right product/ service for you, so only a quality education can help you getting a better options. We know that you need the same great product/ services as we think it should be.

Startups: Every moment we are funding great ideas and new business only to make a better experience for you and purpose for the humanity.

Global leading financial investment management company with most diverse financial inclusion.

We are here to help you!
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  • FUNDS: Savings are completely managed by Samrat Investments Fund independently.

  • SECURITY: Do NOT share OTP/ password related to your personal saving account to any person over phone, email or form.

  • JOB: Do NOT pay a penny for working/ applying with Samrat Investments to any consultancy, hiring agency or individual for full-time, part-time or internship.

  • PROFIT: Live Value (dual return mode) benefits is applicable on each savings scheme.