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User Information and brand

We hate pollution (i.e. digital pollution, moral pollution, human-made pollution etc.)

Awareness is one of our core value, and we love it because it evolves humanity,sustainable progress and offers a happier life experience with everyone.

Sustainability: We are dedicated to make sustainable and eco-friendly business, in what we do throughout our global businesses, operations and community to make a clean and superior world. 

Advertisement: Our investment of advertisement, paid endorsement or paid media is almost zero. However we are always open to collaborate and invest in R&D, social innovation and human empowerment projects using our resources, expertise, technology and diverse community together.
We respect collaborative approach and usually support valuable efforts, projects, startups or organizations within our diverse community.

Data Piracy: We value every data we collect in any form and do everything to make it secure for you. With cutting edge technology and human ethics, we are committed for your data security and valuable experiences.

Harassment: We believe in your freedom and choice for any products, communication, media and interactions. We never share irritating information or any promotional messages in any form until it's for awareness, business update or initiatives. We believe that awareness is fuel for the 21st century and sharing conscious information with you plays an important role in this mission.

For You: We hate to loose any of our clients, partner and co-workers. But still if you think you don't like our awareness initiative then you may choose to say 'No' to our further messages by simply replying to same messages. 

Business: We put experience and awareness parallel to our business. Making the business environment sustainable and affordable for you is our continuous goal. Sometimes good products or services are tough to embrace, but we somehow need to work for that because it leads to a brighter future along with happier moments. We invest our budget in educating our users rather than wasting it on advertisements, which have less impact in the long-term, because at the end of day a good experience throughout is only that matters.

Learning: Based on our data, we share the learning materials to every user. Sometimes knowledge can be irritating, but we need to accept it in order to evolve ourselves, as learning may be boring sometimes until we understand the impact of it. Our effort is to make information smarter and interesting for you.

Users: Our initiatives are applicable to employers and clients as well. By sharing meaningful information we can create a worthy society around and a real innovation to the future. We want you to experience the authentic and great product and services with us. In our current age, we encounter tons of data online and offline everyday. Sometimes it's confusing to choose the right product or service for you, so only a quality education can help you get better options. We know that you need the same great product or services as we think it should be.

Startups: Every moment we are funding great ideas and new business only to make a better experience for you and to ignite the purpose for human evolution. In order to create a sustainable and effective chain.

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