Protecting your loved ones

SamVan Lifetime

Securing long term benefits for your and one you love. Protect your loved ones with multiple financial benefits.

Fund & Savings

So you are looking for the Long-term savings with outstanding benefits and value.

We understand what it feels to secure a family, stability in life, dedicated to educate your child, marriage the daughter you never wish to see off and aspiration to explore the life every moment and enjoy the retirement.

We are enhancing the profit to double and beyond, by sharing a human experience and awareness with a touch of Innovation & Self-respect.

Financial delicacy: Secured, profitable and fresh finance. Always new like you.

Beyond features and benefits

Plan details

Know how SAMVAN LIFETIME PLAN will be beneficial to you

Profit return rate

Starts with Assured 16 %- 126 % with Live value benefits * (variable profit depending on commerce of organization).

Age for investment

Amazingly from toddlers (1 years) to experienced citizens (75 years) ; between 1- 75 years.

Period of investment

Minimum term of investment is 10 years to great term of 65 years. Which covers long-term planning benefits with valuable return.

Investment plan- Instalment

Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly

Amount of investment

Minimum investment amount is Rs. 240 000,

No maximum saving limit

Extra benefits for long term saving

Multiple benefits and commitment to long term investment;

  • .5 extra return every half yearly + live value/ assured return for 20 years. 

  • 1% extra return every half yearly + live value for 40 years saving.

  • 2 times the age of investment + bonus for 40 years- 60 years.

So, we protect you with

5 higher-level features

Assured return & Expected return

16 - 126%* guaranteed return

Upto 85% & more return (see live value)

Secured savings

0 % risk savings 

No loss policy

Financial Planning

Make savings affordable,

Organised personal savings 


Pay whenever you want,

Whatever you want,

Anywhere you are,

Any period you choose *,

Securing your financial life, Samrat Inv

No question asked.

Within 30 days if you are not comfortable in doing business with us*.

Moneyback guarantee

Samrat Investments 100% Money Back guarantee

Using 'Live Value' policy.

It is assured to offer you higher profit on every savings.

Higher profit promise

Samrat Investments higher profit promise

Our service is designed to share happiness and valuable experience throughout service along with profit.

Bringing happiness

Samrat Investments Bringing Happiness

Unique saving experience

By completing 'KYC' using Open account form. Submit the basic details.

Plan your finance (using expert advice).

Define your financial goal. Complete financial planning details using expert assistance.

Start saving regularly.

By simply using any of online payment options. Using your 'Customer ID'.

3 easy steps to invest for happy finance 

Frequently asked questions

SamVan Lifetime Plan

What is breathtaking about SamVan Lifetime plan?

Long term savings is great way to make fortune. SamVan Lifetime, as long-term savings give you double benefit by adding value of live value + extra .5%, 1% return. Suppose if you save Rs. 300 000 for 21 years. You will get Rs. 300 000 + (Live Value+ 21 % of Rs. 300 000) as return ie.. if 'Live value' is 34 % (when you withdraw) then actual value = Rs. 300 000 + (34% + 21 % of Rs. 300 000)

What is in SamVan Lifetime for you?

Proper and valuable financial benefits are quite considerable issues. Long-term saving with secure and higher benefits. Flexible investment option. SamVan Lifetime reduces the risk and loss of your investment by zero% absolutely. While we have guaranteed 16% return, on the other hand the ‘live value’ shares the opportunity of being valuable partner with you by sharing the maximum return rate based on the organization's commerce.

What’s the simple way to get better return?

Financial planning; Long-term investment must be planned and systematic with higher goal. Fortune is long-term strategic thinking and well researched pursuit for individual & family. Define your purpose for saving using expert advisory.