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Your positive approach and one step towards your goal, is 1st secret of Fortune.

Philosophy of wealth

It doesn't just happen, we prepare

By saving only, you can't be rich or accomplish enough wealth to satisfy your needs.
Then it comes Risk, & Fear 
So very simple idea is to start with the basic, choose easiest way and with a purpose but a step to start & strategy is necessary no matter what.

Outcome from basic research and experience, leads and encourage you to make second, third on, & on & on step towards the purpose you stand for.
Without purpose (either small or large) ,
it's all pointless.

Approach to successful venture

Process is very tough until you understand it

It’s very simple. Universe (everything within) works with certain law, so do the business.

If you take a bread and put towards your mouth, you will have successful meal. Until your bread forgets it's path. 

Remember it's take long time to learn eating, it's not sudden.
If you step forward continuously in specific direction, every time you will be near to your aim. If you deviate from the path all the time, you will never reach the specific destination.

Nothing happens randomly. Simply follow the pattern.
Except external factors (
we are here to reduce negative/external factors for you.)
So same happens with Fortune. You need to invest and 

nurture before your assets are ready to work for you.

The way we skyrocket you

Which belongs to you

Asset management

Our 1st module is savings. 
If you are salaried, working class, middle class who can save regularly.

Strategic Planning
After a period of 3- 7* year, you will be able to accumulate some wealth. 
Enough to start something of own.

Economic development
Figure out any specific venture idea or opt for our profitable ventures. Do the basic research. Maintain the quality and innovation in your products.


  1. Note: These rules apply to each venture either your self-developed or partnership with Samrat Investments Chain.

  2. Your saving period depends on amount and purpose.

  • Money to Savings

  • Savings to Fortune

Path to Financial Freedom

Circulation of Money

  • Time Analysis

  • Money Managements

  • Strategy & Planning

 Money to Savings

Now, how to start?

1. You can invest if you have any idea to dedicate yourself or start with any small business.
2. Our
Sam Inspyr initiative gives you opportunity to connect with service provider who are managed by us.

Savings to Fortune

  1. Ones you start doing your business, you will have to engage regularly in work to maintain quality and innovation development.

  2. Sam Inspyr business chain are developed by our qualified experts and innovation team.

Why Samrat Investments Savings

Not mere a banker, something beyond

  1. It’s secure, timeless, guaranteedhassles-free, risk-free

  2. Minimum return 8%~85% * and beyond 


  • It’s balanced and futuristic 

  • It can be customised based on your choice, and purpose 

  • In short, it’s accessible, affordable, profitable and valuable to you

Valuable because every venture by us leads to a better world 

Why Samrat Investments Venture

Samrat Investments' venture is large chain of services, which reduces the risk and loss factor by increasing the loyalty in consumer.

With advance research, balanced fund management, maintained by qualified vendors and experts, & organise to share product innovation and valuable experience throughout.

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