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Only 7/20 slots available for 2024.

Itsurankit.  Experience Ankit's Advantage Unlock success with Ankit's Advantage—a guiding

Advantage 2024, Live Now

From exceptional customer experience to revenue magnet. 

Your competitors are already seizing the opportunity; claim your spot before competitors take the lead. 

  • Are you willing to miss out on untapped business potential?

  • Are you prepared to forfeit the chance of achieving unicorn status, knowing not every startup attains it?


If your answer is a resounding 'No,' then why wait?

Itsurankit. On exploring life, travel, adventure and experiences. Ankit Kumar LinkedIn New
Itsurankit. On exploring life, travel, adventure and experiences. Ankit Kumar LinkedIn New

I'm CEO, investor, and problem-solver.

I've been the magic behind 250+ startup and SMEs success stories in the last 8 years here.

Currently, I'm building something special with Samrat Investments (Fintech) and Aantriksh (Space).

Oh, and did I mention I've played consultant for big names like Rio Tinto, Bank of America, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson's, Toyota, Shell, Nike, Starbucks, Saudi Aramco, Novo Nordisk, 
and many diverse industries?

Now, here's where it gets exciting.

My favorite?🤔

Transforming businesses into revenue magnets.

Imagine what I could do for yours. 

I'd love to discuss how I can help you in achieving your goals.

Why Ankit's Advantage: The Power of Strategy and Precision
Transformation demands a fresh outlook and a visionary approach. At our core, we are committed to delivering unparalleled value for you.

Navigating Complex Challenges

Help organizations navigate these challenges with clarity and confidence.

Staying Competitive

Businesses must continuously adapt. We bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Revenue Magnet

Think of revenue as the gas that keeps your business engine running. To keep things smooth, it needs to flow in consistently and efficiently.

Unlocking Potential

Your business has untapped potential. We help companies achieve growth and profitability beyond their current limits.

Optimizing Resources

Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, ensuring that every resource contributes to the bottom line.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage data and research to provide informed recommendations. Analyzing market trends, customer behavior, and operational inefficiencies, turning data into actionable insights.

Strategies that Spark Growth

90% of startups implementing our strategies experienced a 200% increase in customer acquisition within the first 6 months.

How Ankit's Harnessing Problem-Solving 
Measure, Speed, and Boundless Growth

Strategic Diagnosis and Customization

Uncovering insights, diagnosing the root causes of challenges and prescribe custom solutions—precision in every solution.

Adaptive Leadership

Ankit doesn't just give advice; he leads by example.

Our approach is hands-on, working closely with your team to navigate challenges and create a culture of revenue-focused growth.

Change Acceptance

Change is an integral part of business. We navigate your team through it smoothly, making acceptance a natural progression without disruption operations.

Operational Excellence

He dives deep into the operations, optimizing processes to eliminate inefficiencies.

We ensures that every dollar counts and flows back into your revenue stream.

Negotiation and Mediation

Ankit's Advantage is your trusted ally. We ensure that disputes are resolved, deals are brokered, and partnerships are secured.

Market Expansion

Ankit's expertise isn't just about making money.

Ankit's global market insights open doors to new revenue streams that businesses may not have tapped into otherwise.


Aditi Chawla, Honeywell

Ankit, getting a response from an entrepreneur like you is an excellent feeling. Thanks for at least building my confidence and reflecting the potential of SMEs.
I never came across such wonderful insights and approaches like yours.

Arindan Roy,

Thanks for your insights and document. Based on your response I am absolutely sure you are doing a great job.
Glad to connect, I am looking forward to more collaborations.

Lt. Pradeep Singh,
GOC & Cloud

Appreciate your response to our challenges which showed the ethos of the organisation in one go. Haven't found such an amazing response recently, Kudos !

Kapil Shinde,
Rio Tinto

It's truly refreshing to connect with an organization that values its associates on a personal level.
I look forward to the possibility and growth in the process. Speaks highly about the organisation's deep rooted practices.

Pranav Agarwal,
Saudi Aramco

This is the 1st time I've received very elaborate communication. I appreciate it very much and find it effective for our business. This simple gesture helped me to understand the positive culture of the company and would love to consult further.

Wheelchair Athlete

15 Minutes



Innovate. Succeed. Your Journey, Our Expertise.

Book 15 Min Session

30 Minutes


Nurturing Growth, Guiding Success: Tailored Solutions for SME Prosperity.

Book 30 Min Session

60 Minutes


Crafting Startup Success through Value-driven Consultation for Maximum Revenue Impact.

Book 60 Min Session

Custom Consulting


Precision in Planning, Excellence in Execution:  Unleashing Potential, Shaping Futures.

Book a Custom Session

What Awaits Inside the Box: Unleash Magic


Delivering holistic solutions, encompassing sustainability, exceptional user experiences, digital growth, robust web infrastructure, application development, AI & analytics, optimized business procedures, effective management structures, well-defined policies, sound financial strategies, and innovative marketing approaches—a comprehensive suite of diverse solutions.


Unlock growth through strategic Connections:

  • Tap into new market segments,

  • Expand your reach, and

  • Foster collaborative growth opportunities.


Comprehensive strategy and execution roadmap,

  • Support in securing partnerships and negotiations,

  • Exclusive funding opportunities through Samrat Investments.


Elevate your business with strategic Insights:

  • Harness the power of insights to propel your business forward, 

  • Benefit from unique and fresh perspectives for informed decision-making and successful scaling.

Experience Ankit's Advantage

Unlock success with Ankit's Advantage—a guiding hand that not only simplifies your path but adds value at every step. 
With a track record of investing in 250+ businesses and scaling multiple startups, consulting global leaders and companies, 
Ankit's Advantage ensures you have 

  • An efficient team, 

  • Collaborative workspace, 

  • Optimized revenue process, 

  • Operational excellence, and 

  •  Exceptional customer experience.

Your success story is waiting—let's start the conversation

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