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Chairman's Profile

Evil imagination is worse that massive failure!!!

Ankit Kumar aged 20 years (As 2017*), is the Co- founder and CEO India’s largest growing Investments' firm, financial service and wealth Management Company.


He believes that our product must be innovative, Design worth of experience and awareness within. To put inspiration and purpose in life for the journey of humanity


He summarizes to have 20 years of experience in life and learning refers to learn and experience something new every moment.

Ankit Kumar is founder and invested in multiple startups which include Sam Inspyr, Inspyr Brands and Aantriksh more.


He contributes continuously to build better solution, building constructive ideas and products because he thinks best has always been discovery or mirage which we seek all the time and that helps in making current things even better, innovative and worth more.



Few undisclosed investors in board of directors.

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