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Sales and Marketing Program

Job Location

Off Site

Published By

Karthik Goyal

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

March 15, 2021 at 9:00:00 PM

About the job

Working with the executive to bring new clients
Managing day to day social media responsibility
Following up with previous clients
Understanding the quality and awareness to apply the same in your responsibility
Connecting with new clients and generating leads
Build community around
Connecting influencers


  • Marketing

  • Analytical Skills

  • Sales Situation Handling - Intermediate

  • Creative thinking

  • Sustainable and innovative marketing approach

  • Writing and communication frequency


​Extra perks;

20 k lumpsum (fixed pay)

Bonus based on sales

Indemnity (Daily investment for you)

​​Full time employment opportunity

About us

"World’s first customizable personal saving"

"Our mission is to evolve as the most profitable, embracing and, with incredible experience; accessible financial & banking community universally".
Samrat Investments is a provider of financial services (personal saving, loan, etc.), Investment management services for individuals and businesses, funding (to encourage startups, youth and ideas), financial consultancy, wealth management & freedom venture (connecting investor and service provider for mutual growth and bring best products to your door).

We aim to empower digital savings and financial awareness to the efficient and smarter money management with Personal saving:

✔ Higher profit promise
✔ Hassle-free saving
✔ 0 % risk & loss completely
✔ No hidden fee with zero consulting charges
✔ Money-back guarantee

Global leading financial investment management company with most diverse financial inclusion.

"Not mere a Banker, Something beyond"

Started in 2015, to experience you the Financial happiness and Financial Security, to bring Financial Awareness, and to get you higher profit on Saving with sustainable growth. Make banking and transaction accessible, affordable and innovative. Investment opportunity for individual and business to create valuable products for all with sense of great experience.

For clients:

We understand the blood, sweat, tears and commitment it takes to run a business and to earn a penny for every individual.
To experience you a Better & Hassle-Free finance everyday. To grow and secure your money to spend 'Quality Life' in every moment of existence is our complete focus and effort.

Career at Samrat Investments:

We are dedicated to make financial impact for human race with genuine platform, innovative awareness approach, and financial inclusion.
If you are confident to make world a better place with your skill and potential, our team is great place for you to be.

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