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You @Samrat Investments


You are about to start your journey of wealth management, with the essence of human experience and innovation. 


प अब तक के सबसे लाभदायक व्यक्तिगत बचत की अपनी यात्रा शुरू करने वाले हैं।

Let us know for any support, and sit patiently. We will come up with a better solution for you as always. We are always there for you, & you know it.

Wealth Management Planning Form

​* Interest rate varies with period of investment. ​Example:​ ​F​or 2 years assured return is 8%, or 19% assured return for 13 years. (Live value & additional bonus for long-term is applied automatically)

**​ If you with to discontinue with our services, you can ask to close your account within 30 days. Your balance will be refunded.​

Live value: Real-time value of Samrat Investments' commerce. Can be updated any moment {Your profit return value is either assured  8- 23% or expected 'Live value' (Whichever is higher).}

  • The will be no extra charges for the financial planning or expert consulting during account opening.

  • Minimum saving period is 2 years for any schemes.

  • Saving amount can be customize in lump-sum or systematic planning based on your feasibility.

  • Extra .5- 2% bonus half-yearly is added apart from live value for the long-term savings.

  • Your profit return is compounded half- yearly with .5% starting with 6%.

  • There is NO hidden term & conditions or policy for the benefits if you are saving as of schemes or timely.

  • Make sure to pay saving amount on time or before next 3 days of saving date.

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