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Compromising experience with money.

With time people are becoming financially independent. Our access to luxury, products or lifestyle is much easier than ever. And of course with time this cycle will be better and organized to the majority of people.

As of statistics in 1990 only 5- 7% people had access to technology like PC or DVDs while in 2017, 84- 91% advancement of technology including smartphones, internet and multiple tools reached households.
It’s estimated to achieve ‘Zero Hunger’ by 2030, the access to food to people is abundant in the last 30 years. Similar advancement is done in medical, financial security, and affordability to needs.

Still for most of us it feels like there is some gap in our life. Don't know exactly what the gap is.

Most among us blame technology for our hassle and busy life.

What is your opinion about the impact of technology in life? Tell us in comment.

You know what, most of us also blame money for the hassle.

Some people say money is the root of evil.

Some people say I am working day and night for the money.

Someone claims that money can buy whatever you desire in life.

So what is desire actually? Ok, I will let you figure this out for now.


Let me tell you a story:

'There was a farmer in a village who was loyal and trustworthy to his landlords.

Farmer was curious to see the world outside his village. But due to not good financial conditions he hadn't any options other than work in the field.

Farmer has 4 sons and 1 daughter. They were all under 7 years. Farmer used to be worried about the education and better life of their sons and daughter.

One night there was a huge storm in the village. Only the daughter of the farmer went for wood away from her home.

Suddenly a lightning struck her and the next moment she was no more in this world.

Farmer was worried because hours passed and his daughter was not returned yet.

As time passed the farmer started worrying more so he went to find her daughters.

Guess what, she was lying on the ground. Farmer went near to find why his daughter is lying.

Farmer cried a lot but there was nothing he could do. As the farmer finds his daughter left this world.

Farmer always wanted his daughter to study. But due the bad financial conditions he could do nothing.

Due to the loss of his daughter he was feeling sad. There was no happiness left in his life as it seems.

Few years passed he was getting weaker because with his daughter his dream to educate the girl was shattered.

Landlord after years of farmer's continuously sad situation thought to retire him.

The landlord called the farmer and gave him a good amount of money for his loyalty, service and honesty. Landlord told him that he no longer needed to work in the firm.

Farmer can start a new life with that money.

Farmer was sleeping and suddenly his desire to see the outer world started reflecting before his eyes. Now the farmer has enough money.

Farmer felt better after having this thought again.

Next day the farmer asked all his sons to pack their belongings because he was moving to town.

Sons were all grown up now in these years.

After reaching town the farmer wanted to examine all his sons.

Farmer equally shared the money to all his sons and asked them to come weeks later. And also said they can do whatever they desire with that money.

Weeks later all (4) sons returned.'

Now imagine how all sons would have invested or spent their money?

Would each one use money for the same thing because they know that his father wanted to visit the outer world?

Or do they all spend for their desire?

Well the behavior of spending money varies for person to person. It's natural.

So the question is where does the desire come from?


Still thinking about farmer's desire to visit the outer world, or the journey of all (4) sons of spending money during weeks?

Well, I will continue this story later.

Before that came the subject of 'compromising happiness with money'.

You know, most of us in our life 'sometimes get involved (tangled) with unnecessary things because they are interesting (illusion) like the story of farmers and forget the motive of life and subjects (motive) like compromising experience with money'.

So our ability to spend money depends on our desire and literacy (i.e. understanding of how to do better with available money?).

So the question is;

Is money the root to all evil, busy life or greed?

Again I will leave you to answer this.

So can money bring the experience and happiness we are compromising?

For this- answer is YES.

Yes, money can bring happiness and good experience.

You might be thinking that I added above that we are being financially better but why our happiness is still degrading.

Happiness should increase with increase in money but the situation is different from what we discussed earlier.

Well I will not tell a different story again but let me take you to a journey.

What is technology? What's the use of technology?

So basically technology is tools for different solutions from well engineered, structured research & experiments and imagination to bring innovation to solve different problems.

Then what is desire? What's the use of desire in human life?

Okay you already figured, desire is a tool in the subconscious mind well engineered and planned aiming to fulfill a certain imagination.

The question remains unanswered still.

How can money bring happiness?

With better 'planning and the ability to convert imagination into action with desire of happiness' simply makes life better.

As simple as that. Anything to add further?

So again what's that engineering and imagination for happiness? Right.

Tools like Budgeting and financial planning are a combination of imagination and human intelligence to bring happiness from money you have. (Only if you apply accurate and correct budgeting and planning which suits you).

From the articles unsolved questions.

  1. Due to lack of being conscious about life and not giving enough value and time to yourself, we are unable to find the gap otherwise finding the gap in life is easier like the access to luxury nowadays.

  2. So money can be the root of evil or busy life if your desire is not in your control. Transform your desire to something which gives purpose to your life.

Hey, Have you thought that the wife of a farmer was not in the story?

Stay connected to know what happened to farmers' desire to see the outer world.

Stay connected to know the story of farmers, his son and farmer's wish to see the outer world and how this is connected to your life.

Okay, if you are still confused about how money can bring happiness for you,

or right budgeting and planning for you.

Write your comment and Samratians would be glad to help you out.


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