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Most effective way to live stress-free life

This content is all about how to live stress free, enhance your productivity, reduce procrastination and be successful at anything completely.

Take one small step to start anything, repeat and then see the change in your life.

Let me share you a proved method/ story on how to handle stress. Okay.

If someone wants to explain you something then don’t expect, he/ she will have a solution like drink, so that as he/ she serves you & as you drink everything gets well soon. (In short solution drink don't exists)

There is a pathway which you need to cross for any goal, solutions and anything you desire to achieve. Alright.

Trust me it never happens at least I haven't experienced it yet. Let me narrate for you, how to handle stress in very simple way.

A part of it is based on a video I encountered before. I thought I must share with you in my own way.

Ok, Do you exercise or join a gym.

If yes then there is dumble (the tool used in the gym), hold it 2 hours extra once than your weekly practice.

Or, just take a half liter coke bottle. I hope you drink coke or if not then never mind. I am not a brand ambassador of it, but you can easily carry it, right.

Now, just hold it (coke/ water bottle) for 3-5 hours. In a normal life any of us can hold half litre bottle for a while. Right?

What you will experience is the same bottle which you could carry easily is bothering you after few hours. Means you will start feeling pain in your hand.

The same happens with stress.

We repeat some unnecessary topic/ thoughts in our mind & churn it like curd continuously. What happens while churning we get cream, but it’s opposite here in the case of stress, when we think continuously unnecessary we get more & more junk in mind. And life becomes hell. What we call depression.

You need to throw that topic out of mind like you throw a bottle while you feel pain in hand.

See how simple it is, most problems which irritate you are simple like coke bottle, if we think of a solution instead of a problem itself.

Sorry, to stretch the story. If I made it short then the effect would be less according to psychology.

Now, the question is how to throw?

Especially stress.

Stress caused in family, work life, personal life and with many reasons.

As I told earlier don't expect that I will have some magical solution drink. You will have to find your way by taking even baby steps.

Here is how to handle stress-

1) Thoughts-

You know your mind works as you order, so you can persuade your mind to don’t think of it like unnecessary thoughts.

Think what you love or some best moments, achievements, dreams.

Or you can engage yourself with higher purpose by putting your heart to work, which (Purpose) must be unbiased not created or influenced by your thoughts.

Did I forget to tell you?
It's not compulsory that you need to seat continuously hours to practice meditation.
Meditation is diverse. You can simply try to learn transforming your thoughts into zero (silence) anyway not forcefully. (Try saying "AUM" like bee).

2) Meditation:

One of the best tools for a happy life, Yes- Happiness. That's all matters at the end as you all have experienced. So it will wipe your junk thought forever.

It takes practice and time to be a little good in meditation with continuous practice.

There are different way of practicing meditation. You must choose it wisely and with attention.

If you want to be more accurate then, I got an idea. Try a 1 minute program.

3) I minute program:

I think it’s very simple and affordable to spend one minute for your betterment don’t matter how busy you are.

You have to choose a specific work and time, okay. For work I would like to suggest reading but you can do whatever you wish to do and fix 1 minute random time from 24 hours.

So basically choose a work and any specific minute from day (Example- 06:30 PM evening, reading 1 page of notebook).

Now, what you have to do is to read a minimum 1 minute daily at the same time for that if you have to leave your most important project/ meeting then take off for 1 minute except in an emergency.

Practice it daily.

You can’t imagine after a period of time the magic of just 1 minute. I bet it will transform your life somewhere.

If you are honest with yourself in practicing 1 minute program. It will surely change your life by bringing positiveness.

Simply, practice 1 minute for any work, habit, project etc.. If you are feeling laziness or let’s do it next day.

Don’t. Just do it now. For 1 minute. Repeat.

If you have started anything particular share with me here or here.

4) Shortcuts

Its shortcut. sometime I prefer this practice. When any unnecessary thought comes to your mind then start moving your head for few seconds. It’s like you are in emergency mode, where everything becomes unstable for a moment. The same instability happens with unnecessary thoughts.

After a period of time negative thoughts vanish. (Because you were too busy in noting)

Now, I think it’s enough to make you a better person with few easy steps.

Stress in curable only if you want.

Help others to know about 1 minute program, to change their life and experience stress free life as possible.

You never know your 1 action can save one's life. Education and story has great power.

Otherwise you can cry on your problems. And you know what rarely someone cares about what you suffer.

So, We at (Samrat Investments) wish you to have a good life. Practice any program which is suitable for you.

Sometimes a little start is tough but nothing is tougher than your will power.

Encourage other to live happier and relieve from stress.

Tip: By simply listening to one's problem you relieve him/ her sometimes.

Comment your story and let's creative a positive society around.

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Very helpful and motivating method to practice stress.

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